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Has anyone ever heard of a broker called RV Registry. They call about the Big Horn we have for sale and claim they have 4 buyers in our price range looking and for a fee of $299 will connect us with them. Red flags went up and I deferred them until Monday as we just listed on RV Trader and Craigs List.


Any and all comments welcome......................

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I had a broker call me about our coach. He said he would tell his client and if the client was interested they would contact me. He did NOT ask for a fee to do so. He said the client pays the fee. Your broker sounds fishy. I listed my coach on RV Trader and RVT and the total fees was far less than $299. Of course they do not say they have clients looking for this type RV. I do not know anything more about them. Plus that fee is not for a sale, but for connecting you to them. If they made the connection but did not charge the fee unless one of the clients bought it, that might be different, but for just making the connection, ?????

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If you use Google to get a listing of entries under RV Registry you will find that they are a competitor to RV Trader and provide pretty much the same service. The people who call soliciting advertising of RVs are working on a commission and so the degree of BS will depend upon who calls you. If you follow all of the listings that you find you will quickly discover that they are the subject of more than one complaint posting. Here is a typical one of those that I took time to look at.


this company has high pressure sales tactics but cannot back up what they say they will do for you. They are very high priced with no money back guarantee. If you want to do business with them, ask for references first. I've had my RV listed for over 2 months and have had no calls on it. This was my 1st lesson and boy it was a costly one...

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