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teter hang ups


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From a spinal stretch standpoint, what's the difference between hanging upright from a loop under your armpits vs hanging upside down from your ankles?


Using a loop and hanging upright, your legs are the dead weight stretching your spine.


Hanging upside down, your upper torso supplies the dead weight to stretch your spine.


Either way, your spine gets stretched but using a loop (say an old bed sheet tied off to a tree limb) avoids a $3K outlay!

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I bought a used one that holds my over 200 pound weight easily used, from Craigslist, for 50 bucks. An older friend swears by his and got me to look for one. Mine was used as Athletic art sculpture by the previous owner. These only qualify as art when the owner only looks at them and never actually uses them personally. :lol:


Many of these art sculptures can be had pre-owned, in new condition, cheap, once they acknowledge that they are not doing them any good just on display. ;)


In other words mine was like new. I can attest that they really work when used. My friend did give me some great advice. He said to limit my first uses to only a few minutes and to gradually, over a month or two, work my way up to longer inversion times. He also said that if I get dizzy it is because I went vertical too fast. He advised to stay horizontal halfway up for a minute or so every use and that would not be a problem. Even buying new they are only about $75-400 bucks. Here is one like mine at Wal-Mart's for $99 and free shipping: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ironman-Essex-990-Inversion-Table/14705402


The amazing thing is that a few minutes when my muscles are in full spasm can eliminate the pain entirely sometimes. Used with a Flexeril and two Alleve, it is like a miracle for me. I am not advocating the use of either drug or inversion table, caveat Emptor, YMMV. I can only guarantee that it works for me. But I have some spinal surgery coming up because it can't help with my deformed and increasing stenosis in my C5 or 6. It has gotten me past almost immobile to functional until I can get to the point I can take a break for the surgery.


I finally healed up from the three inch wide bright yellow welt that was running the entire length of my spine. :blink:

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When I was in my late 20s I tried to move a Franklin Fireplace by myself and messed up my back to the point of having to crawl (literally... crawl) out the door and out to my car, drag myself in, and get home. Doctor told me to stay in bed for two weeks.


Two weeks! I was remodeling a house and had to move in in ten days. So I went back to it. Left the fireplace alone and started wall papering. Lots of stretching... reaching up... bending over... and two days later I was fine.


Since then I've tried to do that any time I've had a back twinge... hanging from my hands from anything I can find. No back issues since then. I'm 72 now. :)



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I bought one of these and hang from it a few minutes most nights. Yes, it's expensive but it goes anywhere I do since it is lightweight and packs up small. Put it outside your RV and let the neighbors stretch out their backs, too.




Linda Sand

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