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2015 Vista 36Y Motor Home-Coax Question

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We have a non-SWM dish and have 2 problems with our 36Y(do not have MH yet).

1) There is only on coax on the outside so we will need to run a 2nd, anyone have any experience or knowledge about this

2) The current coax terminates above the driver where they expect you to put your receiver. The TV is located on the passenger wall in a cabinet. If we would put the receiver in its designated location it would not accessible with the drop down bed and our remotes would not be able to work, just a poor design. We would like to put the receiver in a cabinet above the TV(there is a window in that wall). Worst case for now is we run both cables in through the window and leave the window cracked a little.

Any ideas for our quandary????

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If Winnie put the box up front (normal), and the TV apart from there (also pretty normal), they no doubt routed coax from the overhead switch box area to the TV. At the least, I think you need to learn more about how the coach is set up before you try to solve problems that may not exist.


My coach has the box up front with coax routed to a TV in the front, a TV in the rear of the coach and a tv outside in a basement compartment (the outside TV sees the signal selected for the bedroom TV). My Dish remotes work just fine, with the if/infrared (line of sight) remote used up front where the box and front TV are located, and the rf/radio freq remote used in the bedroom or outside. I used a signal coax entry point for several years with a Dish dual receiver, using a DishPlus seperator inside to sesperate signals for the dual receiver inputs. When I later installed a permanent antenna, two leads were brought through the roof. If your setup absolutely requires two coax coming into the coach, you could do that through a cracked window, but that would likely lead to dirt/moisture intrusion, probably even with the flat coax designed for that purpose. I sure would not do it with normal round coax for extended use. For a permanent installation I would figure out a way for the coax to go up from underneath, OR install a plate through the wall.

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