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Check out new freightliner


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I understand achieving 12 mpg with those rearset gears of 2:28 on flats while lightly loaded but how the heck will that thing achieve anywhere near that hauling loads of any kind over any hilly terrain at all?


This truck will not appeal to OTR drivers with that lackluster power to performance ratio.


Were Freightliner building tucks for light duty service profiles like towing recreational trailers that unit would notch quite nicely into that category but I don't see them selling enough of them for commercial useage configured identical to the test mule to make them available "used" any time soon in any numbers at all.

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Typical freightliner ...... ugly


And in my eyes, it's the best looking Freightliner ever, and near the top of ALL trucks. But then, I don't care for long noses or chrome. :P


Isn't it great that we don't all like the same things? If so, we might all be driving "B" model Macks. :o

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Is this new 2020 KW?


I seem to recall reading in another article that the tractors for those Labatt's trucks were built by White Truck. That being the case, should they go back into production today, they'd be . . . a Volvo!

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This is a corporate answer to the futuristic Pete that made a big splash last year. No closer to production either. And I can't wait to hit a deer with it on I-80 in Pennsylvania on my way to cross the GW bridge with all of those kamikazi maniacs.

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Ya gotta admit those folks back in "history" crafted some awesome machines using that other material.........what was it.......oh ya....metal........and what craftsmen they really were!


Those fluid lines and class .......without plastic, fiberglass, advanced electronics or computers.......


Lot to learn from history...

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The trouble with craftsmanship in metal is we don't want to pay... :o

Yes, America has become a land of tight-wads. Wal-Mart and Amazon are evidence enough. Cheap and disposable are the new requirements.


I won't do business with either, simply because I want to keep the local folks in business, so that when I have an emergency, or an issue with a product, I have a real face to speak to, rather than a call center which I can barely understand the person on the other end.


But enough of the rant/ hi-jack. Like most proto-types, I would imagine this one has a lot of fiberglass and composites. Far easier to fabricate in a single unit than steel. Besides, I doubt it will ever hitch to a load and travel cross country.


Sure does look cool though.

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