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Aftermarket Safes?


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We recently purchased a 2012 HR Endeavor and would like to install a small safe in it. Seems like there's a million of 'em out there to choose from ... some are simple steel boxes ... others that are "fireproof" (and heavier 'n all getout!). Our Endeavor is a 43' with a tag axle so I'm pretty sure I can squeeze a heavier unit into our weight budget.

Anybody have any recommendations on makes and/or models? How about installation location and method? Obviously it needs to be secured to something in the coach itself ... I haven't seen anything readily visible that looks like a good candidate for a bolt or a cable.

Any suggestions?

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If I were installing one, I would put it on the floor of a clothes closet. Being low protects it from the more intense heat up high. Also, early in a fire, clothes have a tendency to drop to the floor and would land on the safe, further shielding it. Place your heavier clothing above the safe and use plastic hangers. :)


Most small safes can be attached to the floor or wall from the inside using readily available hardware. A couple of bolts through the floor would deter most would-be thieves.


The more fireproofing the safe possesses, the heavier it would be. I wouldn't be overly concerned about getting the best fireproofing. RV fires don't tend to last very long.

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Fire resistance is good so pick one with a good rating there but you are also likely to be dealing with the local fire department adding a lot of water so look for one that is water resistant. You also want to always remove the key or scramble the combination lock, leaving them in/open you are much more likely to see an accidental opening during a fire.


We used a simple box, didn't bolt it down and left the key on a string tied to the handle. Our hope was that a thief would open it and see there was nothing to steal and not bother our documents. If we had had valuables then one of the built in safes would have been our choice. For that contact the factory and see where they recommend cutting a hole through the floor to mount it. Just bolting one through the floor would also work but it will be more obvious to a thief.


I'd like to have any type of safe mounted away from normal heat from the engine and away from fuel or propane tanks.

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