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Lucas oil stabilizer


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Hi Everyone,


Is anyone is Lucas oil stabilizer in their truck engine ? If so, good or bad thoughts ? Is it needed for the engine ? Or use just straight dino oil ? Is an additive worth it for your engine ? Looking for thoughts.


All input is welcomed,


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If you go to the Cummins website and drill down into oil specs and additives it seems that Cummins is Not a big fan of oil additives or for that matter very thrilled with full syn oils except for low-temp operations.


If you read between the lines Cummins tends to error to shorter oil change miles / months with a good grade of Cummins spec oils.


Family cummins engines have had good history with good oil and no additives for several mil miles ....so far so good


In VERY dusty conditions (road building0 we changed oil and filters as short as 3K miles.


"RV duty" tends to be pretty "light", but large spans of non-ops time can allow oil to become somewhat aged from acid and condensed water formation so somewhat shorter oil change intervals might be something to consider.


Some people have very good luck with additives and those folks could perhaps give some insight into the matter.


Happy travels



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Do what ever makes you feel better. Add additives , stabilizers, anti wear ect. It will not hurt anything, but then gain it may not do any thing as well.

We hold a lot of oil in these trucks. As I have stated befor I do use different additives in all my vehicles.

Makes me feel better LOL.

As far as introducing water into the oil while it just sits there waiting to be use, I do not believe this since one ...it is almost a closed loop system, two...unless you are starting the truck once a week for a short time which would introduce condensation due to inadequate temps to boil out the water no moisture shoule be added to the oil. Now some oils like brake fluid are hydroscopic..(I think thats the correct spelling) these obsorb water from the air and should be stored in a closed container in a dry area, but engine oil is not really one of those types of oil.


Now acids hmmm the addative packs in oil counter acid build up , acid buil up is caused by the combustion of fuels. So if you are not running the engine you are not creating acids, any acids that have been created should be countered buy the addative packs or the addatives you have introduces yourself. So no harm no foul.


Now that all said if I stored my car for 10 years I would do an oil change on it, but stored for 6 months, no way.

That just my 2 cents.

If you really want to learn about oils head to bobistheoilguy.com


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I used a Schaeffer oil additive for a while, in several engines. Noticed the oil pressure fluctuating while at steady throttle/load. Stopped using it and all was well. My two cents: buy a quality oil, and add nothing.


If you live in a climate where you have fairly large daily temp swings, and high humidity, you will have condensation. Run it until you have full op temps for a long time (multiple hours) to cook it out. I change the oil in my tractors every other year, with as little as 25 hours on the meter. Granted, they don't hold 15 gallons, but they do hold 5-7 each.

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