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BOFs, why would you want a C-BOF?


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I am involved with a BOF (SKP Genies) that is not certified. Some have suggested that we should become a C-BOF. I have been looking around and can not figure out what advantages would accrue to a C-BOF.


What is the advantage of a C-BOF?

Do the advantages outweigh the paperwork involved?



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What, pray tell, is a BoF?

Birds of a Feather...special interest groups. Go to the main Escapees website, sign in to your member account where you can read about the BOFs and see the list. It's also in the magazine and, I assume, the new Xscapers website.

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BOF is "Birds of a Feather" I'm not sure what C-BOF is.

C-BOF is a certified BOF. A certified BOF has certain requirements for organization and reporting while a non-certified BOF does not. Some non-certified BOFs are not organized with officers etc. (like the Boomers) and probably most do not have by-laws.



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Good morning,


I will try to shed some light on the requirements to become a Certified BOF. The information below is from the Escapees website.


Rules for BOF Certification

BOFs meeting specific criteria may apply for certification. Certification is

purely optional, but in order for BOFs to receive certified status, they must

agree to the rules of certification.

To Qualify:

• Certified BOFs must abide by established BOF directives and bylaws mandated by

Escapees RV Club.

• Certified BOFs must maintain at least 150 member-families to be eligible. BOFs that drop

below this number will be reviewed to determine if the lower level of activity is temporary

or if, indeed, the decreased number is due to diminished interest.

• Certified BOFs must elect at least two officers from different families, e.g. membership

coordinator and treasurer. They may elect more officers if they so choose.

• An election must be held every two years. There are no term limits.

• Certified BOFs must meet at every Escapade. Additional official meetings may be called.

• The Escapees name must be incorporated with the BOF’s certified name. The house-in-awagon

logo is required to be part of the BOF logo.

• In the event of the dissolution of a BOF, all obligations shall be paid and any remaining

assets shall be sent to the Escapees RV Club. Escapees, Inc. shall not be liable for any

debts incurred by the BOF.

Certified BOFs Will Receive:

• A certificate of certification from Escapees, Inc.

• Special consideration at Escapades for meeting space and recruitment purposes.

• An invitation to join chapters in the Parade of Flags ceremonies at Escapades.

• An Escapees Voice Message mailbox.

• More formal recognition in Escapees magazine and other Escapees publications when



If you have more questions about BOFs, you can email me directly at bof@escapees.com



Kelly Burns

National BOF Coordinator

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