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Furniture Upgrade - Our Solution


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There have been many discussions about replacing and/or upgrading the furniture in an RV. The below is offered as a potential solution that may work for some - it will definitely NOT work for everyone. We purchased our 5'er with Lane furniture. The furniture is good quality leather furniture but after just a few months we noticed that we were sitting lower and lower in the theater seating which eventually became very uncomfortable. We first verified that there was not an issue with the frame or springs. After which, we looked at replacing the furniture but just did not like that idea since the furniture was virtually new as well as matching so we continued to explore other options.


First, let me say that our furniture has removable (zippered) seat cushions which gave us more options. We first tried placing some thin plywood between the springs and the cushions. This proved to be much too firm but did confirm that the cushion material was the issue. The factory foam would flatten out very quickly offering no support or comfort. We began searching for replacement foam and found the following website:




We liked the options for the various types of foam and that it could be ordered with custom cuts. We chose to go with their very best 2.8# foam as it was the most firm. We followed the websites instructions on how to measure (be SURE To follow these directions) and ordered our foam. It arrived before the specified time and we installed the foam. The cost was around $70.00 including shipping for our theater seating - a VERY reasonable solution and considerably less than some other foam sources that we explored.


Our seating is now very firm (maybe a little too firm for some) but have eliminated the need for replacing our furniture.


It is our hope that sharing this information will assist others by providing a potential solution that they may have not thought of. Obviously, again, it is an option that will not work for everyone.




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Good info, thanks for sharing! As we have looked at many RV's to buy we have noticed the same problem about the sagging or uncomfotable couches and were wondering if there were any options, other than buying new furniture. Will definitely keep this in mind. Much more affordable than new!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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