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Need ideas!

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Before we rebuild our truck bed to carry a Smart Car, I need some input on carrying a motorcycle or 2. Perferred idea would be a box for the bikes and room for the smart behind the box.

Toy hauler is out of the equation as DRV is stupid on their price and Excel just closed.

Suggestions, ideas, woulda's coulda's, shoulda's...

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The way our truck is setup, it has been hauling motorcycles. But we now have Polaris Ranger to go with my enduro motorcycle. Both street legal and both are carried on the bed. We tow a TT though. So no Smart for us as the new UTV's can be street legalized, and i feel are alot more fun to drive.


With the newer TT's, you can have all the comforts and space of a 5th (except ceiling height), and stll have a empty bed on the truck to load whatever.


It might not work for others, but it has been perfect for us.



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Before people jump on the UTV bandwagon - they are not street legal everywhere. And the fact they have a registration in your home state does not make them street legal everywhere.


But they are fun, and they are legal in many places - especially out west.

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With our set up we carry two bikes using a hydraulic lift from AmeriDeck to bring them in and out. The box is 102" wide x 96" long and 84" high. Inside on the front there is enough room for tool boxes and misc. so you could technically reduce the length by another 2 feet if necessary.

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This is fairly radical but drop the frame from back of cab to front of rear suspension to allow bike on either side of drive shaft then car above the two bikes, platforms for bikes could pivot out to ground for loading maybe car will have to go on from rear because of extra height it would be at, it's not much longer than bikes anyway

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Jim, You probably need to do some weight and length calculations as it looks like you might be singled short. To put both bikes and the smart on the deck you are going to need to stretch the deck quite a bit and your overall length may be illegal and you may have too much rear overhang. If you want to try what BobA suggests you need to see how much space you have between your rear tires and your fuel tank and I doubt you have enough.


Can you do a bike carrier on the back of the 5th?


You might be able to angle the smart up high enough to clear one bike underneath but I doubt 2. Need more measurements of the bikes to verify.


Have you looked at Space craft for a toy hauler? I think it was 1Rod that just had one made.


Your other option might be to go to a TT and then have the whole truck deck for smstt and bikes.


We plan to be at ECR if you want to do some brain storming.


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