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Same SSL VPN Key used by 28,000 Routers


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This link details a security issue that inolves (as near as I can tell) commodity routers that use a built-in SSL key to secure their VPNs.


Many routers today allow customers to create a VPN between various office spread around a geographical area. This lets employees in one office work off a file server at the home office in a transparent manner (the employee doesn't have to do anything extra... he/she simply logs in to the domain in the morning and starts work). However it appears that many commodity routers (netgear, etc.) may be using weak 512-bit keys instead of 2048-bit keys (and higher).


The open-source "OpenVPN" makes you create a key when you configure the VPN and each key to each link is different. I always use a 2048-bit key but apparently commodity routers have a built-in key length of 512-bit. and every router uses the same key.


Here is the link. http://www.itworld.com/article/2897775/researchers-find-same-rsa-encryption-key-used-28000-times.html?phint=newt%3Ditworld_today&phint=idg_eid%3Dafbdce93df1132e5de07d306edf23bac#tk.ITWNLE_nlt_best_2015-03-19


If you are using a "cloud" VPN or commodity routers for your VPN you should take a look at the system you're using.





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