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tow dolly tires

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Tires are 205.65.10's and even though they are stamped with the same designation the tow dolly sits 3/4 of an inch higher on one side. Is this common for tires? Put side by side one is taller than the other. Will this affect the towing? This is my first experience with tow dollys and towing, any knowledge would be appreciated.


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Learned something about tires. These tires are supposed to be inflated to 90 psi. The one was at 40psi and when i went to 90 low and behold there was no difference side to side on the dolly. They are 10 ply and pretty rigid so hard to tell if they are under inflated.

thanks for the replys

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I think this size replaces the 20.5 x 8.0-10 size and in LR-E (10 ply rating) are suppose to have a capacity of 1520# at 90 psi and have a "J" speed symbol which means 62 mph Max.


Since you hadn't checked the air pressure you may have done internal structural damage to the tire is you only had 40 they were significantly overloaded.


I STRONGLY suggest you get a scale weight of the dolly with the vehicle you normally have on it to confirm the actual load on the tires and consider getting a replacement for the tire you overloaded. Just because it didn't fail as soon as you started to tow doesn't mean it will not fail next week or next month.


The MAX speed should be thought of as you do an engine red-line. While it is possible to rev your engine above red-line it can drastically shorted engine life.

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