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Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Kirk W

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A good friend and the manager of Swan Lake NWR has asked me to share the information that he is in need of some volunteer for the coming summer. We were some of the first volunteers to go to this position and saw the beginning of the development of a visitor program at a previously inactive refuge. I strongly recommend you to check this one out if you are looking for something for the coming summer.


We had our work camper that was supposed to show up April 1 just cancel out on us yesterday. Could you spread the word that we are looking for someone anytime after April 1 till August or Sept, Oct however long they are interested.




Steve Whitson

Refuge Manager

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge

16194 Swan lake Ave.

Sumner, MO 64681

(660) 856-3323 ext. 13

Swan Lake Facebook Page


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