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Not Enough Truck to Outrun the Police :)


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I posted this in another area, but thought my HDT friends might get a kick out of it.

This idiot tried to outrun the Police with this rig a few days ago close to where I live...on I-90 by Janesville WI.

He led them on quite a chase before crashing in real style !

Talk about stupid...






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Another "Perfered" Co-Pilot GPS routing.....after all it appears he was just following the "all trucks over 8K GVW Exit" sign (on his cow-catcher)......


Everyone knows that the cops could never catch a late model Ram towing anything......just look at the towing specs......tops in class....

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Around this neck of the woods, where no one hits the ditch without taking out a road sign, (in winter they can leave half a set of tracks off the shoulder in the snow for 1/8 of a mile, then ditch it and smuck the sign post) that sign would be worth1500 points... :D




A Fast Lane Truck "Ike Guantlet" test fail...?

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