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Cab Leveling Valve part number, Gen 1


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My access to the Volvo Impact parts lookup shows my cab leveling valve as 20354493. However I cannot find that part anywhere online by searching.
Is there another aftermarket valve that works for our Gen 1 Volvos?

I found this:

Hadley Manufacturing H0060024 Cab Suspension Level Valve

Which also states:

  • Hadley Manufacturing H0060024 Level Valve
  • Cab Suspension Leveling Valve
  • Volvo part number 20724370
  • Replaces Volvo 24425198

But none of those numbers match my parts listing from Volvo.


Further, my cab height is about 1/2 inch too low, according to the service manual, but this is after I've lengthened the control rod as much as I dare. The plastic ends are engaging barely 3 or 4 threads at both ends of the rod; I doubt it's designed to be lengthened that much in fact. In this condition the length of the rod, ball center to ball center, is about 3.5 inches.


Has anyone had to get a longer control rod, or had to change how the leveling valve is mounted, to get the cab a bit higher?


I've read all the threads I can find about the cab suspension; my cab has been riding quite low on the driver side, with barely 1/8 inch between the bump rubber and the stop bracket (and the bumper on that side is largely destroyed). I'm planning to get the bags, shocks, front bushings, rear bumpers, and leveling valve replaced, so it'll all be new, while we're at it. The local shop I'm going to doesn't have any access to the parts other than going to the Volvo dealer, so I can save some money by getting the parts myself, and he will do the work. I think this will cost less than going to the Volvo dealer, and I can print out the Volvo manual pages if the mechanic wants to see them.



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OK I think I figured this out. The parts diagram also shows 85104648, called just "Kit". I had assumed this was a rebuilding kit for the valve, but now I realize this is a kit consisting of the valve plus the control rod. I found this item on Ebay for $79. It doesn't look much like my present valve, and its control rod looks quite a bit longer. I'm beginning to think someone replace the valve on my truck with the wrong item at some point.

Here is a photo of my valve:




Does this look right??



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And then there's this part, with a different number, but looks identical to the Ebay part:




Here is the Ebay part:




Any thoughts?

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Thanks Phoenix. That appears to be the same valve as I had found on Ebay, except without the control rod included. So the same valve in a kit, including the rod, is this one:




I've ordered one now. The rod in the photo definitely looks longer than the one on my truck, so that's why I bought the kit.



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Before you go any further, check to see that the cross member that your air bags rest upon is straight. Ours sagged pretty badly last summer, allowing the right side of the cab to hit the stops on bumps.


I have new cross member, bags, shocks and valve at the shop just waiting...............

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Thanks Rick. My cross member looks perfectly straight. Some rust and peeling paint on the inside bottom face, near the air bags, but otherwise it actually looks very sound.


I ended up ordering the Monroe shocks from Amazon (two of them were just $9 each; must have been a close-out), the leveling valve on Ebay, Dorman aftermarket bushings for the front from Amazon, the air bags from Wheeling Truck Center via Amazon, and the bump rubbers from FindIt Parts. Total cost was $412 including shipping. If anyone needs any of the part numbers, I could list them.


Also I've got to see what air fittings and line I might need to upgrade.


I wonder if this would be a good project for the ECR??

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