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My comment is about American Pride and a box. Yes, a cardboard box. I make every attempt to purchase American made products for my 5er.

So after I ordered a WiFi Ranger Elite,( I have no connection with this company) I have been watching my UPS tracker for days waiting for its arrival, and finally it was here ! ( I admit I’m a little giddy about finally getting this product).


First impression means allot, and when I saw the shipping box standing next to my front door I was impressed.

Why, well, in this day in age of Amazon, Ebay, and Chinese products, this box was professionally and neatly wrapped in black shipping paper with WiFi Ranger tape securing it to the barely scuffed up box (it had a long journey to Georgia).

I removed the packing slip from the plastic on the box and was impressed again. Why? It had the hand written names of those who packed and tested the equipment before I got it. Small thing, but it relates to quality.


After taking the shipping paper off, the box is the same color as the paper. What? So, no big deal but it looked cool. I opened the box, there it was, a brand new Elite, packaged neatly and securely. Quality paper, quality box, quality invoice….

As I took the antenna and radio out of the box, I began inspecting all the contents. Everything was wrapped up, packaged in form fitting foam, very orderly, and efficiently. Quality packaging.


Then at the bottom of the box, I got to the instruction booklet, which was neatly folded in a zip lock bag, and then my DW got happy… there were two Werther’s candies in the bag………..Who ever packaged this was a prideful person and sometimes these things go unnoticed.


My instinct is that any company that spends resources on its packaging like this, has that same attention to detail, quality of the design, and customer service. Yes, I have high expectations. I installed and setup the Elite with no problems and followed the well written instructions. I can’t wait to use it, but I’m confident it will work as well as it looks. God Bless America !

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Remember the days when you pulled into a gas station and the guy came out and filled your tank. Washed the screen and checked the oil? It what they once called service. Some folks are old enough here to remember it!

WE all put price before service now days. So few can afford the service. But some smart companies are now realizing that not all folks buy on price alone. Sure service 'maybe' built into the price. But that's ok.

I think if we all supported those who 'care' then the 'cheap is best' mentality will be challenged. (As an aside I do a lot of photos for museums etc. Photos are mounted etc. My provider of the matt board etc is one of those old companies. They will keep doing it until you are more than happy or your money back. They are not the cheapest but I buy from them simply to support their service).



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Our Co-Op Gas stations here still fill our vehicles up at the pump (used them for 20+ years), we get cheques back for several hundred dollars each year at tax season as well shares in the company. They also ask at each fill if we'd like our oil checked and windscreens, lights cleaned etc. Likewise the same company's grocery store, takes our groceries to the car and loads them for us.

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I used to pump gas at my dads station years ago.....Full service for 28.9 per gallon for Fire Chief, 32.9 for Sky Chief.....Yes, we did a complete check under the hood, air in the tires and washed the front and rear glass with a smile.


Thanks for the memory and bringing that smile back again just remembering.....

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