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Backing with these automated transmissions has always been the biggest issue. That is why the early ones were called (lovingly) "dock thumpers".....because you could not hit a dock "easy". And it was true - I've tried to back some of the early ones to a dock or trailer "easily" and it is difficult.


The new Ultra and the IShift are wonderful. While I have not driven the "latest" Ultra, the IShift is an amazing transmission. You can feather it right into a hitch or a dock.

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Mine is the earlier Ultrashift and it tends to "buck" when backing. Requires left foot on brake, right on accelerator to smooth it but that doesn't work all the time. BTW is there a link or PDF somewhere that shows the codes and alerts for the Volvo? My owners manual didn't show the "CA" alert.

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Carl, the CA warning can be avoided by backing fast enough to avoid clutch slippage. I know that is not always possible but sometimes it is. I wish that R1 was twice as low a ratio and that R2 was like the present R1. I believe I could run backward at highway speeds in R2....totally useless for me. There are times that I think I would prefer the clutch pedal that the Autoshift uses, although the Ultrashift is a good transmission. The clutch on the Autoshift can be engaged at true idle RPM just like a manual. This makes it better for creeping forward or reverse. I have found that using Low [1st gear] on my Ultrashift works better for creeping in forward.....less clutch slippage. Charlie

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On present day Ultrashift Plus CA is warning for "clutch abuse" - the clutch temperature is elevated due to slippage. If it gets hot enough the transmission system will go into auto neutral and won't engage a gear until the clutch cools to safe temps again.


Suggest you call Roadranger customer assistance and ask if your transmission can be programmed to enable creep in reverse function so the clutch will stay closed with the engine at idle and your foot off the throttle so you can back at the slowest speed possible uphill rather than tickling the throttle pedal to engage and slip the clutch repeatedly.


For downhill slow backing you can disable the hill start aid and roll back in neutral using the the brakes, or use the creep mode if programmed.


On a manual trans when you are riding the clutch while reversing up hill your clutch gets just as hot except there is no system to warn you until smoke is emitted.

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