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My new seat


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I got my new Knoedler Grand Chief seat this week and got it installed yesterday.

What a great seat, I was concerned that the cost was out of line, but after seeing it and the install, that was a lot harder than I imagined, it is well worth it, can't wait to take it on a long drive.

Played with the cooling feature and the massage feature, what a treat they are, old iron butt will be pleased on the long drives he makes, as I for one am not on the 240 plan, as I love night



For the install challenge, the truck mounting plate on the floor from the drivers side to passenger side are different, when I bought my truck no passenger seat was in place, so getting a new drivers

seat was on the had to have list, so DW had somewhere to sit.

The drivers side mounting plate was narrow and not so wide, and only had 4 mounting bolts in it, the passenger side was longer, wider, and had 9 bolts in it.

When I ordered the seat I got the Volvo mounting bracket. The seat would fit the passenger side plate, but not the drivers side plate, NO Problem, switch the plates, Ya Right, but that is what

I did, now to order a new passenger plate and remount the seat because after trimming the floor covering back to get the wide and long plate mounted on the drivers side, all that floor is showing

on the passenger side, but the seat is mounted, so I am going to try to find a used piece for this part.


Or have new carpet installed in the cab and sleeper and cover up the exposed cab floor, so many choices, so little money left.


But the truck is about complete, and is usable, and I am happy with my build, Just need to save up for the aluminum rear wheels for finish bling. Hope to have that for the ECR but don't know yet.



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How about some installation details on the heat and AC. I have the same seat but it is not "connected".



Mine had only a power and ground to hook up to the truck, it does have 2 fuses behind the back of the seat.

I hooked mine up through a relay from the trailer power feed so it's only on with the key in the run position.

I am planning a short trip next weekend, will report here how it works out, but I am sure I will have to get the smile off my face so I can see the computer :D



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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