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How many Independent Contractors travel full time.

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Greetings to all who read this and thank you for any responses you may have. I am not looking for legal advise or tax advice but would like information so when I do actually pay someone for such advice I have a little information to pose the correct questions.


I have worked as a "Travel Nurse" for almost all of my nursing career. My very first job as a nurse was in Oakland, Ca at the trauma center in the ER. That was in 1989. In 1991 I looked at an RV thinking that would be the best way to travel from place to place but didn't have the funds at that time to get into it. Sure wish I had tried harder to make it work.


The second thing I have thought about for years but have yet to do is trying to find work as an independent contractor. In the early days of my career I had a FANTASTIC recruiter who always had my best interests in mind and seemed able to find the job when and were I wanted them. Now it seems you cannot secure a position until you have less than 2 weeks on your current contract and will be able to start immediately when you finish even if you have to move 1000 miles. I have started finding my own positions from hospitals where I have worked before and then contact the "Company" to finalize the paperwork. It used to be I would contact one person and they would handle everything. Now I contact the one person and 5 other people contact me asking for information and verification that I had already provided to the initial person. I am tired of at least 6 people getting a portion of what the company is charging the Hospital for me before any money actually gets to me. Three years ago I had to take a $5 an hour pay cut to return to the same hospital for the same position I had been working at for the previous 5 winters.


So enough of my story, here are a few questions.



1.Has anyone here worked as an Independent contractor for a Health Care facility?


A. If so, have you done it in multiple states?


2. Has anyone worked as an Independent Contractor in multiple states?


3. Did you find your Tax professional before or after you first contract?


4. Do you still provide services as an independent contractor? If not why?



If you do not wish to answer on a public forum you may send me a private message and we could communicate via email or telephone.





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I just lost my job when an oilfield supply company I worked for closed. Hubby is still on for a couple more months to liquidate assets. I am having trouble finding another job that will allow me to work remotely as we will continue to fulltime (sold home in 2012) even though he lost the position that required us to be mobile.

So I am looking at Freight Broker Agent which is an independent contractor. I am only going to be concerned with the state domiciled (TX) and the state the company I will be contracting with. I am not going to be concerned about the states I will be working in. I will be able to do it from home, so that would be a different situation. You will be physically going some place so I am sure that will be a completely different situation.

Sorry not much help. Best of luck to you.

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