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Shipping a dining table


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We're selling our Cave Creek winter home and I've only got one thing that I want to keep; a solid cherry dining table made by Walker Weed.

I normally don't care much about material goods, but this is different. It's not a factory manufactured table - it's hand made in the old school style. I have an appreciation for it and want to keep it.


We'll be heading north soon and the problem is I'll need a U-haul trailer for just this one six foot table.

The legs don't detach, so I can't box and ship it.


I don't expect much but just thought I'd ask.

Does anyone have an alternative solution that doesn't cost an arm and leg for shipping from Arizona to Washington?





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Moving it yourself is really a good idea, shipping it is all too prone to damage, more in this case as the legs need to stay on. I'd want it wrapped, padded and crated at a minimum. then you need insurance, I think the carrier is liable for something like $0.20 per pound and that isn't going to cut it. If there is damage how happy will you be with the damage and likely less cash than you could have gotten by selling it instead of paying to moving it.


Do not be like our STUPID STUPID STUPID friend that bought our almost new Ethan Allen furniture for a very good price when we went full-time. He reduced some very expensive, almost new and beautiful furniture to junk. The idiot rented a truck but wouldn't pay the $40.00 for the padding package, instead he grabbed his wife's sheet collection to pad with. Worse he showed up with a buddy to help him move it in and out of the truck that wasn't happy to be there and made no effort to protect what he was carrying. They got it to his place and set up, his wife came home and saw what had been done to it and broke down in tears. Big scratches as a sheet won't protect a table-top from an anti-tip anchor screw you left sticking out of the bookcase you tossed on it. Splintered edges from trying to slide it on a concrete sidewalk, because the hand truck was another $10 to rent and that was way too much... Then banged around on the drive home picking up dents and splintered spots because... you guessed it, the cargo strap bundle was more than buying a package of cheap clothes line rope.


Move it yourself, carefully or sell it locally would be my suggestion.

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Rich looks like you've gotten the best alternative. I don't know of any other way. I faced the same dilemma when we came back from California to Louisiana with a Honda Elite scooter to transport. We finally heaved it inside to ride strapped down to a platform we made for it in the LR of our fiver.

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Probably too late for this but I use Halls Transport when a mover is needed. They shipped a 6k fridge which had been uncrated in Calgary to Vancouver Island with no damage. Elmira Stove uses them exclusively.


The price wasn't that bad. The fridge was picked from the loading dock up by one of their shuttle trucks and delivered to the firm which did most of the repairs. Again with no damage.

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Yep. . .the deed is done.

Shipping companies were all well over $1000. and the small enclosed U-haul rental was a couple hundred dollars.

Plus we were able to haul some other items as well.

The rig hauled the trailer like it wasn't even there. . .I sometimes wondered if it was.

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