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Newmar 5er Quality?


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This probably should be asked in the Fifth Wheel forum, but I trust you folks will know.........


We're looking to upgrade our toy-hauler. I think I'd rather buy a used higher end unit than a new more common rig. So, my research has led me to several Newmar toy haulers. They seem to all be 2008 models. They also seem to all have triple axles and Mor-Ryde suspension.


So, if y'all have anything good, or bad, to say, I'm all ears.


I'm open to other brands as well.

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We have a newmar Kountry Aire, not a toy Hauler, but is the best 5th wheel we have ever own, as you can see in the signature it is a 2006 and is far better than the newer ones now on the market. The only problem is that it is too heavy for a pickup, we use a volve HDT. Pin weight is 4000#+, the wife likes her stuff, no argument from me, if mamma aint happy the world sucks. Lot of luck.....

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Our Mountain Aire fiver is an '05. I think Newmar quit making 5th wheels around '08 - '09 so that may explain the preponderance of '08 models.


Newmar quality and customer support have always been at the top of the heap, so I expect that carried through on the toy haulers. Ours was virtually unused when we bought it in '07; we have towed about 80k miles since then and lived in it for 5 -6 months for the last 6 years and it has stood up very well. Only thing we have done aside from normal maintenance is new springs and shackles. The spring issues may have been from my hitting the ion a bit too hard with the HDT! There was a learning curve there.


Outside the decals are starting to show their age after 6 winters in the Arizona sun, but the interior still looks as good as new. As sailor said, they do run to the heavy side. Our GVWR is 20k and we weigh close to 19k packed to travel. There is aplenty of carrying capacity as dry weight is 15.5k.


I would not hesitate to buy another - if they were still making them.

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What everybody says about Newmar x 2 ! We went to the Tampa show last year (Newmar had a special group area) and asked the factory poo-bahs "what over there in the show would we be happy with if we wanted to buy a new fiver". NOBODY, not the crowd or the higher-ups said a word. The Mor-ryde is great, but if you want a top of the line toy hauler Newmar made (I think) the King Aire, dual tandems.

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More homework means more questions.......duh.


I found more X-Aires for sale, and some have 6k axles and load range "E" tires. Better, but still not great.


I've yet to find a King Aire or other unit with tandem duals.


Oddly enough, we are in a situation where we likely won't be using the RV much this year, if at all, until next winter. So, we have time to look. I'm even considering putting our trailer on the market so I have plenty of time to sell it while we look.


If length were not an issue, there's this:



Unfortunately, the top of the stacker is to low for the smart or the motorcycles, though I imagine that could be changed.

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If you have a whole year and can spend a few weeks at Spacecraft you can have one built to your spec's and it will last a lifetime. Nothing against Newmar, they look real nice. Don't believe I could ever overload my dual tandems and the air brakes are so much better than what I had with the other toyhauler. Disc might be better but won't last as long as mine.



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I agree with you Rod, but we will never be full timers, and will someday stop wishing to carry both a car and motorcycles. Plus, due to my heritage, I'm "fiscally sensitive", aka "cheap." Thus my wish to buy a used, but high quality, unit.


Fortunately, we not in a hurry. But if a used Spacecraft toy hauler would crop up, I'd be interested, but I've only ever seen one.

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