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Dessicant cartridge


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I deal with this problem daily. As long as it is a branded part you are good. Would be nice if wasn't made in China.


As far as parts prices go there is absolutely no rhyme or reason. Proprietary parts, make/model specific from the OEM dealer vary from place to place. I gave up on the Freightliner dealers in Houston asking 50% more for the same part # at my favorite dealer Hill Freightliner in South Bend IN


As far as consumables (filters, oil, brakes etc) their are several options. I have been quoted from $6 to $25.50 for the most common filter in the world, a secondary fuel filter for a series 60 Detroit. I know what is happening, most trucks are repaired and then billed to a company that doesn't have time to scrutinize every line item. Driver doesn't care unless he owns tge equipment. Great way to fatten the bottom line at the dealer.


Heavy trucks, aren't they just great?




Develop a relationship with the OEM dealer for your truck, possibly more than one depending on your travel and geographic patterns.

bring fresh baked cookies to the parts guys (just kidding)


Identify reputable after market parts suppliers in your area. Example, Cumberland Truck Parts in Pennsylvania has 15 locations and is also a Volvo dealer at one of them. Roadpro is another one. Online parts can be obtained from Ryder Truck Leasing.


Stay away from stuff on Ebay, Amazon etc. Supply chain quality here is important. Those vendors are nearly impossible to research much less get your money back if something goes south.


Always ask the price, and if it seems high do a little checking. With multiple vendors as outlined above you should be able to determine the fair price. But it is not consistant. Your favorite Volvo dealer might give you a great deal on the plastic battery box cover and kill you on the oil filters or wiper blades. Why? He sells a lot more filters than battery boxes, the sustained markup on the larger volume parts really adds up. Other dealers might be more reasonable with everthing, depends on their individual business model.

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