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50 amp electrical cord 120' shore cord electrical line

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Approx 120' (one hundred and twenty feet) of four conductor wire/cord.
On the wire is the following:
P-136-20- MSHA
10 AWG 4/C 500W
90C 600V Water Resistant

Great for your 50 amp RV shore cord electrical cord. Same for Sail boat, etc.


Price $175 obo


Please text me at 425-214-4079, or email jamespstapleton2010@gmail.com


I'll be driving from San Felipe (Baja Mexicao) to Hemet, CA on March 13, so it will be in Hemet, CA area from March 13 to March 18.



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Depending on the source power supply voltage you may be fine with the 120' of #10 for the 30 amps. But it "depends" and generally you do not want to buy something for the "depends" case. As Ray said, you really need the #6 if going that far.


However, lets look at a practical application. I recently had circumstances that required 140' of power line. I made it up out of two #6 and two #10 cables (30'/50 amp+30'/50 amp+30'/30 amp+50'/30amp). The source power was a stable 125 volts. I was able to sustain a stable 118+ volts at my coach with up to 25+amp load. But I cheated with the 60' of #6.


My point is that if you have good power to start with the voltage drop is not necessarily a show stopper. But you need to consider it, for sure. ESPECIALLY if you are going to be running air conditioners.

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Thank you for the insight.

The electrical cord came with an RV I purchased. I don't have any history of using it, or knowledge of who made it, etc.

No damage.

So, 30 amps is what it seems it will work for.

Price is now $125.

Please email me at jamespstapleton2010@gmail.com or call 425-214-4079

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I made up some extension cords (two sections) years ago when I was parked about 100' from where I had to plug in.


I don't remember the wire size but it was either #4 or #6 wire.


The first thing I thought about when I read "120 feet" was how heavy this thing must be... until I saw the #10 wire.


My cord is in three sections, the first being the regular hookup cord for the RV. But I know for sure that if I had all three of my cords in one box, that sucker would be HEAVY, probably heavier than I'd really care to handle with any regularity or even to carry around onboard unless I thought I was really going to need it.

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