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Solar Impulse 2 Lands in Ahmedabad, India


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History has been made. I'm thrilled at the knowledge gained, and will let the short article, pictures, and for those not bandwidth challenged a great video.




"Tweets from the flight include:
•10:00AM UTC: Before entering Indian airspace, Bertrand Picard at FL250 (25,000ft) in an unpressurized cabin, -5°C (23°F). And: #solarimpulse batteries are full!
•8:00AM UTC: Bertrand Picard puts on another layer as he climbs up to 27,000ft in #Si2 over the Arabian sea.
•Bertrand Picard: “When I relax, I breathe so slowly that it triggers the cockpit alarm!”


For the full story of this multiple record breaking all solar airplane at altitudes and distance over ocean and land, with pictures and even a video, go here: http://1sun4all.com/solar/solar-impulse-2-ahmedabad-india-video/

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