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Getting real close to purchasing our first ever motor home. We have been looking for a few months. Has anyone purchased their motor home from BestPreownedRV in Houston. Looked at one their today and visited with Marylyn for a good bit. If you or someone you know has purchased from them, would you share your experience with us?


Yes, it will be our first RV of any kind and we will be full timing from the day we make a purchase.





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We bought our MH from them 4 years ago. My advice is to be sure to drive the unit on different roads and speeds. Look the thing over very carefully. The people were nice and were negotiable based on what we found. You are buying used so be careful and picky. After a couple of surprises (our fault) we are happy with the MH we bought there.

Good luck, good health and safe travels!



Be sure to check the tires and load ratings. We agreed to some (4) new tires but the tire company put load range G on instead of load range H. They corrected the error quickly.


on edit: added the p.s.

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