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establishing state residency


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Go to the Escapees main page and click the domicile link, look at the general one first and then look at the one for the state Escapees serves (TX, SD, FL) you are interested in.




Or these direct links:


General: http://www.escapees.com/Docs/General%20Domicile%20Information.pdf


TX, the best option for most folks: http://www.escapees.com/Docs/Texas%20Domicile%20Information.pdf


TX booklet: http://www.escapees.wwwssr7.supercp.com/images/pdfs/texan.pdf


FL: http://www.escapees.com/Docs/Florida%20Domicile%20Information.pdf


SD: http://www.escapees.com/Docs/South%20Dakota%20Domicile%20Information.pdf



Do a forum search on the state you are interested in and you'll find a lot more discussion too. The built in search won't look for state abbreviations (too short) but Google will if you add one of the lines below to your search box:

site: www.rvnetwork.com TX Texas

site: www.rvnetwork.com SD "South Dakota"

site: www.rvnetwork.com FL Florida

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Residency and Domicile are similar, yet different. Residency means where you presently live or reside. It may or may not be your permanent residence. Domicile is where you have set up your permanent residence for registration of vehicles, driver's license, vehicle insurance and voter registration.


Basically to Declare a Domicile state you must first establish residence in that state. The requirements may vary from state to state. Here is how I did this in Florida. For many of us, using a mail forwarding service as our address of residence worked very well to Declare Domicile.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums!


We are truly glad that you have chosen to join our forums and we do hope that you find the support here that you need. You will find that Escapee's RV Club is the most complete support organization for those who live full-time in their RV and that support system is presently in a major growth period with many new features coming soon. An all new, interactive website has just been announced and is presently in the late stages of beta testing so watch of this new feature.


I also invite you to read an article which I authored for Escapees Magazine on the subject of choosing an domicile and what it involves or can involve. The article is now several years old but the information is still pretty much valid. you can find that article at this link on our personal website.

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