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Coolant Type

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On, actually in, a '98 Volvo with a Cummins M-11, is there a specific coolant required like HOAT compliant or ???

I know its green, but I cannot find any info in the paperwork (both 3" 3 ring binders) on anything specific. I do know that Cummins used HOAT coolant in a variety of their engines early on, and Volvo has always been in the forefront in the marine world for the engine coolant being friendly.

Just wanting to change out the filter and need to top it off.


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Mine has Red ELC coolant. book says I need to change it every 750,000 miles.

My guess is that means "extended life coolant", I reached that mileage last year and changed it out.

The next time it will need changed I will be walking on golden roads.

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HOAT (Hybrid Organic Additive (or Acid) Technology) antifreeze shouldn't be mixed with "green" diesel coolant. ASTM D-6210 or RP-329ASTM are typically the green coolant specified for wet sleeve diesel engine to prevent cavitation erosion (pitting) around the sleeves. "Green" indicates an ethylene glycol base. What is really important is the SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additives) in the base. These deplete over time. Check your SCA levels with a test strip kit and add SCA if below specified levels. Your new coolant filter will contain pellets of SCA that slowly dissolve to keep SCA levels up.


Better yet drain your coolant system, recycle, flush with Calgon/water mix and refill with distilled water and Cummins 14603 approved diesel ELC (red) example here. This coolant does not require additional SCA's. If changing to diesel ELC be sure your new filter is empty and not one with conventional SCA pellets. Then you can pretty much forget worrying about liner pitting and SCA levels for the next half million miles.. :)

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