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Thousand Trails

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see if you can get the memberhip number from the seller. then contact membership services. they will tell you exactly what you are buying and the annual fees and transfer fees. 1000 trails has one of the most complex membership programs around. I have been a member for over 15 years and I purchased a NACO/1000 Trails membership from one of the old old old members. but call there to be sure.

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We did the same a couple of years ago - depending on your camping pattern, can be quite convenient and cost saving.


I would:

  • Find out the terms of YOU selling the membership, or passing it on.
  • Find out if 2015 annual fees are paid yet or not.
  • Find out the terms of annual fees, increases, etc.
  • Find out the 'exit' contract conditions - in other words, what does it take for you to exit the contract.
  • doublecheck the reservations terms & conditions.


As majfrizz noted, TT contracts are very complicated... and vary considerably. Just fully understand what yours is, and if you are good with that, you are good.


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X 2 on the exit requirements. We had a membership in a campground with C to C and after 21 years they wouldn't let us out. They told us we were in for "life" and if we didn't continue to pay they would take us to court. Also said they would come after our kids too. Needless to say we got an attorney & told them where to stick there lifetime membership. Dave.

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I would also insist on a full copy of the original contract. We purchased a Platinum membership from someone one craigslist for a great price. Got the membership number and it checked out. When we purchased it I asked Thousand Trails for a copy of the contract and all they would give me was copies of the paperwork that we had filled out to transfer the membership. So I would ask the seller for a full copy for the original contract.


"Happy Trails"


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This is my experience with the two zones


If you sign up for the two zones - its a 4 year commitment


  • you can only change zones once after the first time you signup
  • its $425 a year
  • sometimes you can get other incentives - its depends on the thousand trails person signing you up
  • I'm very happy with my membership.
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They are doing the typical 2 zones for 1 price again so you can get a pretty good deal - 2 zones for around $549/year, 2 weeks in, 1 week out, first 30 days free, after that a $3 or $5 surcharge. Beware of some of the recent riders in the contract. There was a "voluntary" surcharge of $25 that I'm sure they were hoping we would just pay. On calling them is when I found out it was an optional, voluntary fee.


The more you use, the more you come out ahead. Last year our use averaged out at about $13.50/night for $45 nights ($604 total, tax and fees included)

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The Platinum contract is probably the best resale available...IF it has carried over the nationwide parks, three weeks in, one week out but park-to-park. Unlimited free nights (not the 50 nights free, $3 nightly fee after that). The price is right too. If possible, get a copy of the original contract (not likely from a broker, but ask).


Repeating what has already been said, get the membership number and call Thousand Trails Member Service for the exact details (the details mentioned here are the important ones). If it is a Platinum Plus, there are many extras but they may have been stripped on the resale. I believe that Thousand Trails now pays the brokerage fees for the transaction.


RPI is not a big deal anymore as most of the parks are covered in your membership, but check their website for details.


If your plans include being on the road for at least three months at a time, this membership pays off big time...IF the parks are where you want to go. You can also suspend (check Member Services for the current limitations) the membership for periods of time.


Read this post on my website that gives you some history and current information on Thousand Trails and other campground systems available: http://rvlifestyleexperts.com/getting-started/Membership-campgrounds.htm






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