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Short Term Parking


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Where can you park a fifth wheel for a few days when you're not using it?


Do I pay for dry camping at a nearby RV park and then just park it and leave it in a site, even though I'm not living in it?

When visiting my sisters, I need to park my 38' Dutchmen Grand Junction somewhere. It's too big to fit in either sister's driveway and is not legal to park in the road. They each have a guest room for me but nowhere to store my RV while I visit.


They live in the northeast; so there's no BLM or NF land around. It's too big to fit in a parking garage or most parking lots.


I know you can park for a night in places like Walmart but I'm sure that they don't want the rig minus the pull vehicle using up space in their parking lot for 3 days.


Do RV parks have a short-term parking area that's less expensive than camping?



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Call some nearby parks and talk with them, you can usually work something out unless the park has an insurance issue with unoccupied RVs. We had to move an RV from a camping spot at a park to their storage area when we were going to be gone more than 48 hours, manager cited the insurance policy rules for the reason.

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Google RV Storage for the area you are visiting. If not too far to urban area check a little outside of the area, farmers, businesses etc. What about checking with a nearby airport for parking for oversized vehicles? Also maybe enquire of a small trucking company local or ask your sisters to enquire of businesses that might be willing to accommodate, we've done that before and they've been kind enough to oblige and we've given them a few bucks for their kindness and trouble. Ask the local police station where oversized vehicles can park legally and safely generally as well call local RV dealerships and enquire if they can accommodate you for a fee short term or if not where their customers park their rigs.

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If there is a park nearby, you may want to rent a site and spend nights at your own place. It's nice to visit, but having your own space is also nice. You could still spend all day/evening with them, but have some time to yourself later at night. Many private owned parks do have storage areas though if that's what you want to do.

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Thanks for the suggestions. For my first stop, I called the local police and they were very helpful. I guess I'll just have to wing it until I learn more.

Welcome to the Escapee forums! Anywhere that RVs are not allowed on the streets it is pretty safe to assume will have some sort of RV storage facility. Many of them also provide some type of security for the RVs located there. Check with a local phone directory under RV Storage or call some RV dealers in that area for advice.

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Friends/Relatives don't seem to get it that our Rv s ARE our homes. They will say things like, "Well. Wouldn't you like to stay with us so that you can sleep in a REAL BED" Gosh! We love them, but What the heck do they think we sleep in, FAKE BEDS??


Or "Would you like to stay with us? We have a REAL potty?" Enough said. I am like everyone else. I like to go home to MY bed.


OHHHH I Guess I am Ranting??? :ph34r::unsure:<_<

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