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pop/slide outs.

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Some things are best left to those who do a lot of this type of adjustments.


But before anyone can help you, it would help if we know what type of rig you have an what type of slide outs - electric or hydraulic. You'll notice a lot of people put that information in their signature line or in their profile.



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i'll have to check that but I did put 5th wheel ty. i'm sure most are basic but I have a 5th wheel aljo by skyline. I can see the bottom of one sticking out more than the top. the other side looks even but I can see a noticeable wear on the carpet. ty again Barbaraok for the response.

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Slide adjustments are best done by professionals. They will have the jacks that are needed.

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From our experience - take it back to a factory service center. They should be able to help you. Good days of travel ahead to you.


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We need photos of what type slide you have, the type of drive rails and anything that will help in diagnosing your problem.

I have adjusted several slides through the years and also made roller assemblies for numerous slides that were design poorly in the beginning.

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