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Advice on Mega Cab truck


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The wife and I are about to go fulltime in our RV. We have a 2006 Dodge dually 4X4 longbed with the stock 4-speed automatic transmission and I assume the 3.42 axle. I'm considering upgrading the truck to a 2014 or 2015 Ram MegaCab. I'm pulling a 2012 Heartland Bighorn 3610RE. I know the dealer will tell me the truck will pull the rig no problem. What I am really concerned about is the clearance between the passenger compartment and the RV. I would love to hear from anyone who might have a rig similar to this. Bonus question.....Is the factory fifthwheel prep package worth the expense?


Thanks in advance


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I really love my 2014 and it does have more pulling capacity than 2006.

It was worth the time to find a good used one. It's 4x4 and crew cab and long bed.

4x4 retainvalue also.

IM cheap I try not buy new ours has 23000+ saved big bucks. We like our truck.

Go look at specs one your 2006 and a 2014 you see the differences.

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