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Fuel At Fry's In Yuma, AZ


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I would recommend to NOT go there with that size rig. There is construction at the I-8 exit, general traffic congestion, and entry to Fry's is extremely tight with lots of general gas traffic. Physically, you would fit... but due to their fuel prices being the lowest in that part of Yuma, they are quite busy.


Good Luck.


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We frequent that stop fairly often as we are about 1/4 mile from there. Today, the construction gang finally took down the traffic cones at the intersection. Many folks with toads do use the fuel station but at times it is crowded and hard to navigate. Then Fry's will set up a tent close by to peddle Valentines and now Easter stuff. If you can use it before 7:30 AM and after approx. 8 PM it can be done. But I wouldn't fool with it during busy times. I can curse it just in our dually. Unfortunately the next exit going West at Fortuna Rd. is Giant fuel and they are high!

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There is another Fry's in Yuma that's much easier to get in to 500 W 24th St

Yuma, AZ 85364.

We always stop there for gas as the one on Frontage is tight and always seems to be packed out.



This one may be difficult for a 40' motorhome pulling a toad to navigate. The last time we were there attempting to get gas, the parking lot was so crowded, we finally gave up trying to get gas for our small motorhome...and we don't even tow (I was even having difficulty navigating the car around the parking lot, it was so crowded!). Plus, it's quite a ways from I-8 if one is just passing through and wants to stop for fuel.


Access to this fuel station isn't always so bad, but it can still be tight for a large motorhome if there are a lot of cars parked near the station.

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