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More liars in power positions at VA


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Just read in Huffington Post and one other source that VA Secretary MacDonald is admitting to lying about claim he served in Special Forces.


Also in the Dallas Morning News on the 20 an artical about investigation about mistreatment of active duty veterans at Ft Hood , FT Sam Houston, and Ft Bliss and there may be others.


I don't know how to put in links to these items so if anyone is interested it is there.


With the way we treat our warfighters now and the cost involved to do so even at a crappy level we sure need to avoid damaging anymore troops if we can avoid it. We need to save them for when we really need them.


Can the troops and the veterans catch any kind of a break. And it seems they will have to be lucky enough to catch a break because the SOB's we have elected sure are not going to give them one.


Update 9:55CST Macdonald report on ABC news also

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where exactly is my clipboard? You pretty much have to have a picture with arrows pointing for me to get a lot of this simple stuff. I read most of what you guys write about computers but most I flat don't understand. I am not even sure by what you mean about opening the page that has the links on it. Above now there is the address bar that says www.rvnetwork.com etc. Would I highlight that then hit copy then paste to the clipboard once I know what and where it is then open the forum and copy and paste into the forum?

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Jim, Your clipboard is part of the computer's operating system, it is where things you copy are stored until you need them. You highlight what you want to go to the clipboard and then use Ctrl-C, the right-click mouse copy menu or the browser Edit Copy menu to put that into the clipboard. Then you go to where you want it to appear and put the cursor there. Next you use Ctrl-V, the right-click mouse menu paste or the browser Edit Paste menu to put the clipboard contents there.


Simplest to explain:


  1. Open the page you want to copy the address of in another tab or window.
  2. Click the address bar of the page you want to paste.
  3. Highlight the address bar contents if your browser doesn't do that automatically.
  4. Hold down the Control key and type a C, upper or lower case works the same.
  5. Go back to the post page tab or window.
  6. Click the spot in your post you want the address to appear.
  7. Hold down the Control key and type a V, upper or lower case works the same.
  8. The link will appear in your post.
  9. Put a space or an Enter after it so the forum knows it was the end of the link when it formats your post.


You can use the Ctrl-C Ctrl-V, Mouse Copy paste or the browser Edit Copy Paste interchangeably so pick whatever is simplest for you.




Here is one from another page I have open:




and the one for this post:



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"Big Jim"

I saw the same thing but I have a different take on it. I'm willing to cut the guy a bit of slack on this. We have numerous politicians who have lied about their military service for their own personal or political gain. I don't think that was the case here. I may be missing something but it seems to me he was trying to gain a rapport with a homeless vet. So he stretched the truth a bit to try to reach out to someone who needed help. When called on it he quickly stood up and said he never served in the special forces. I want to believe his intentions were noble. Lets hope he doesn't prove me wrong.



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All you folks patience is appreciated while I learn something. Now first chance I get to print Stan's instructions so I can look at it while doing it until I get it down pat. Somethings I will never remember until I have done it multiple times. Thank you all and thank you Mr. Stan.


PS the 2nd comment on the above article is enough to make me want to go to fist city for the way that civilian looks at GI's.



Ok 1 more for the old time Dallas boys there is also an article in there about the Von Erich family of wrestlers. I wasn't a big wrestling fan but those guys did have skill and great entertainers in that venue.

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Sorry but there was no attempt at establishing report. That was their spin but with a whole bunch of people going down the street and who knows how many photographers filming the event it was just one big publicity stunt. And he was trying to inflate his importance by spinning the truth. But what else do you expect from our current crop of politicians? As a former psychotherapist, I know you don't try to establish report by lying but by being authentic. That sure wasn't the case here.

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