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Hello again!


I have been thinking of taking a trip from N. California to Bonnyville, Canada, passing through Banff and Jasper, Canada.

My problem is this. This will be my first long trip towing a 36' fifth wheel. I am wondering if the area from Banff to Jasper is valley or is it climbs through the Rockies. Any insights, advice or thoughts from anyone would be so appreciated. I am hoping to do this in July or August.


Thanks in advance,



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As you'll be coming from Northern California, I'm assuming you're familiar with, and will be travelling I-5 heading North. Once into the Vancouver area, you'll be turning right (or East) onto the Trans-Canada highway, #1. This road is very similar to I-5, in that it's a high speed, wide freeway close to population centres, dropping down to 4 lane further out. Further into BC, you'll have the choice of the faster, but higher and steeper, Coqihalla, or the more scenic 3/5a combo. Both are good routes, no matter what Discovery channel tries to portray on their "Highway thru Hell" program.

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Irish1348 FWIW: living an hour from Banff, we have spent countless trips since the late 90's, initially with a 36ft fifth wheel towed by a F350 dually, and then a 36ft Fleetwood Gas engine into Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper etc. East to West and North to South, through Yoho National Park, Coquihalla, Rogers Pass, Golden, Revelstoke, Crowsnest Pass and up through Kootneys is wonderful as well as another diversion route. During good weather it's always been a very beautiful easy drive. The very few windy sss bend/steeper bits we just avoid driving through in the dark from as much an animal highway safety point of view versus the roads. Just take your time and smell the roses enroute at many places which have so much to see and enjoy. It's a truly beautiful trip you are planning, with typically lots of wildlife sightings depending on time of year. On your way up to Jasper from Lake Louise area, think it's Hwy 93 stop at the Icefields Parkway - often folks might boondock there overnight we've seen. I think Brewsters are the tour operators there.


Enjoy, you've got everything in your favour right now for a trip to this side of the border = great exchange rate and lower fuel prices, albeit Canada is higher than the USA on fuel for sure. Does this Canuck sound jealous? LOL.

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I second Bruce T's statement! I have traveled all 50 states and most of Canada and I have not found a drive any more scenic than the Ice Fields Parkway between Banff and Jasper, Don't miss it! I've drove it 4 times and will do it a couple more.


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