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Tell Me About Your Dishes?


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My wife and I are new to RVing - and are setting out to outfit the kitchen of our motor home. We're currently debating what sort of dishes we want. Part of me says that dishes made out of something that's tough to break (i.e., Corelle) is the way to go. However, the part of me that hates eating off of "plastic" dishes would much rather go with something more natural (stoneware?).


What tips can you give us? Is anybody using real dishes without them being too fragile when travelling?

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I guess one needs to define "real dishes" in order to get a good answer but I'll try. We have used Corelle dishes in ours for years, but that is also what most of ours are in the stick house also. If "real" to you means china and crystal, then we don't use real dishes but only rarely did so before we went on the road and passed on to our kids what we had and now that we have a home base again, we have not bothered to replace them.


Our utensils are stainless steel, just as our every day use has been since our kids were small. We did carry 4 good quality wine glasses in cloth bags and that was about the most upscale that we did.

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Our thoughts are that we spent way too much money on our fifth wheel to want to feel like we are camping all the time. We keep paper plates to use for a quick lunch or picnic, otherwise, yes, we use 'real' dishes. Stoneware is too heavy IMO and not very break resistant so we use Corelle dishes. They come in lot's of styles and colors, are relatively inexpensive, lighter than stoneware and are very break resistant. Another nice thing is that if you get one of the patterns carried by Walmart, it is easy to get replacements in the event you break one. They are rugged but will break under the right circumstances, don't ask me how I know. :(


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I plan to use Corelle because they are very durable and can be microwaved. I will also carry Melamine plates. Weight is the enemy when traveling so anything I can change out to a lighter version, I will. Some people carry glasses. I'm too afraid they will break during transport so plastic, stainless steel and Corelle.

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We don't use plastic dishes, we use Corelle. We left the cups/saucers in storage and have the rest with us. We use paper plates when dry camping or a quick meal while on the road. We have Acrylic wine glasses. Used to have glass but I kept breaking them. For other food storage and service be sure to plan multiple uses as much as possible.

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Wine is just better in glass - though we do have acrylic for when we take our own glasses, etc. to potlucks, etc. where they might fall. In fact we tend to have to clean out excess wine glasses every year as we pick them up at wineries as we go. Corelle dishes, stainless steel flatware. Stoneware is just to heavy.


And like everyone else who has been out for awhile, paper plates/snack plates are used for quick meals, sandwiches, boon docking, overnight stops, etc.



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Part of me says that dishes made out of something that's tough to break (i.e., Corelle) is the way to go. However, the part of me that hates eating off of "plastic" dishes would much rather go with something more natural (stoneware?).


Corelle is not plastic. I agree with others who say that stoneware is too heavy (and breakable). Corelle comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs:



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We use Corelle. Also my main casserole dishes are 2 correlle "light". They are also now making a few smaller sizes with locking lids that can be purchased at the outlet stores and are perfect for small things. The 2 pie plates serve as large dinner salad plate as well. I don't worry about the glass wine glasses. If I break one I visit another winery. I will admit the we have our flatware and use it everyday. The kids didn't want it and frankly I like using it. Occasionally it needs polished but I like doing that job!

The one item I bought specifically was a 2qt stainless steel saucier pan. (Looks like a skillet but with a handle on each side) its great for starting items on the stove and moving into the convection oven. It took a lot of searching to find one that would fit and turn but finally found it thru Princess House.

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Wine is just better in glass


Absolutely! But, I think that Barb and others may find the Vino2Go "wine sippy cup" a practical solution for the times when one doesn't want to risk breaking a wine glass (and spilling the wine!) This is the manufacturer's website; the sippy cups are available with different colors of tops from a multitude of vendors, including Amazon.

I've used Corelle for many years; tough, inexpensive, multiple patterns and configurations, widely available, microwaveable, and doesn't retain grease. Use it for the pet dishes, too.

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Corelle dinnerware is made of tempered glass, nothing like plastic. I think the light weight, sturdiness, and china like feel make it a favorite among veteran RV'ers.

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We used our Corelle for 16 years without breaking one. We didn't protect them in any way while traveling - just stacked them on top of each other. They come in nice patterns nowadays.


I will mention, though, that I have heard of folks occasionally breaking one and they shatter in tiny pieces. To us they were very durable, lightweight and don't take up a lot of stacking space because they're thinner than stoneware would be.

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Another vote for Corelle. In fact, we've used them since we were married and that's been over 40 years. I can't remember breaking one, either. We like the designs and the fact that you can often buy them in Goodwill stores (or other thrift shops) if you need more.


For coffee on the go we use mugs; the Corelle cups are just too small for a "real" cup of coffee. But they are terrific for holding snacks!


Stainless silverware for us, too.


We do use paper plates. Especially if we are cooking and eating outside.



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I had my Corelle shatter one time when we had to make a hard stop in our MH...but I still use it now that we are FT in a 5er. I kept 6 china plates when we sold everything to go FT. Never used them in the house, but love using them now. Corelle for breakfast and China for dinner, and the occasional paper plate.

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I think Corelle is the brand preference. It's what we've had for 19 years and I'm sure I'll break one now that I'm saying I've never broken one. I'm wondering SpaceNorman was thinking of the Melmac dishes when he said plastic? I have glass glasses and glass wine glasses because like Barb. I don't want to drink wine in anything but glass. I'm not saying it is right or wrong, I just prefer it. Hugs, Di

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Corelle has been reformulated. If you can get the old Corelle it is hard to break. The new stuff shatters more easily. But, it is still my choice both for RVing and at home. The pie plates make good soup plates and fit well in the microwave/convection oven for cooking purposes. I use a lot of Corning casserole dishes as well. I love that they can cook anywhere except the stove top then go right to the table.


We don't use glass beverage holders but have been told that those who do recommend storing each one in a tube sock bought for that purpose. Makes sense to me.


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You can get open stock Corelle at Corelle.com or at Amazon.com (or Smile.Amazon.com and do a good thing at the same time). Be sure to check that whatever dishes you get are microwave and/or dishwasher safe if either of those are a factor.

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"Corelle has been reformulated."


I know that Pyrex glass bakeware was reformulated from boro-silicate glass to soda lime glass (bad move!) when World Kitchen bought Corning Glass Works, but I wasn't aware that Corelle had? World Kitchen produces several types of cook and bakeware, and each involves a different composition formula, AFAIK. ??? This is the link to the "manufacturing" page for Corelle:




I can't speak to the durability of the newer Corelle; the pieces that I use in the motorhome are at least 20 years old, and I've only lost one plate in that time.

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