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Looking for an active MDT forum..


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Just a progression when no new blood is introduced... I don't see a time when I would want to move up since my class 5 has everything but the extra HP in a small package...but who knows...


And the class 5 seems to be dumped on here ..but most likely unintentionally...


Maybe someone will know where they have migrated to...

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There are still a few of us still around that enjoy the MDT class of tow vehicle but far fewer than there used to be. I'm sure you can ask questions here and get them answered. It is still a friendly and knowledgeable group.



John and Sharon
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I agree. So I shall.


Has anyone installed air horns on their cab ? Sounds easy until I sat in the cab and wondered where I could run the air lin and if the headliner came off easily...


It is like the CB..how do you run/hide the coax ?



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Sorry to be coming in from "Next Door", but some of the roof mounted horn lanyards end at an electric switch instead of a pneumatic one. Easier to hide the smaller wires. Otherwise, 1/4" air lines aren't too bad to run behind the upholstery.

As far as a more active forum, good luck. IRV2.com has tumbleweeds rolling through, some of the brand specific forums have decent participation, but they don't deal with general questions well. The many trucker forums have some participation, but the garbage needed to be dealt with can be overwhelming. Too many times guys complain about a lack of participation, but never return to offer any feedback or hard earned wisdom. Get out there, do it, take pics, and become the guru.

I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

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I'll take help anywhere I can get it... Freightliner isn't too happy to see me..private owner and legacy truck..


At the moment, I bounce around about 5 rv forums with different level of participation depending on how civil they are.... there doesn't seem to be much activity on the mdt side here and I was hoping I could find where they all went....not much on the others...


I have done the resto stick before ...just finished a Duster 360.....with the FL, I just want to get rolling now...apparently, we are on for a Samborree in May...


Just a general comment ...I have gone to Parts for Trucks, Traction and Frieghliner - 2 locations (Cat too but just about my engine) and the most helpful folks I have found have been at the International Truck dealership. Go figgure.

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I hear ya. Completely unscientific observation: the MDT crowd of today seems to buy new M2's and drive them as-is. In the older days, trucks were a lot more likely to be re-purposed work trucks. One thing to remember, is the interchangeability of parts, similar to the HDT crowd. The Navi-Star dealer can likely sell you most of the filters, lights, air fittings and line, and pine tree air fresheners you'll need. I get almost as many parts from my local IH dealer as KW. The Navi-Star dealer is simply more convenient.

I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

2000 Kenworth T 2000 w/N-14 and 10 speed Gen1 Autoshift, deck built by Star Fabrication
2006 smart fourtwo cdi cabriolet
2007 32.5' Fleetwood Quantum

Please e-mail us here.

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I understand your concern about participation, it hurts when no-one responds ;(

I happen to have a MH right now but I do have a Dodge Diesel PU (cummins) and I have had a IH MDT in the past.

I will mark this thread so when someone posts here I will hear of it and will make comments if I see a need or want to.


I have installed air horns on my PU and then removed them due to salt making them not work any more.

I had them right in the middle of the roof and hid the air hose very well. They worked great until they did not work any more.


Some very graphic pictures may help the response that you get in the future, put them here, I want to see it!!! ;)



Southwind 35P


EX Submarine driver

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Thanks guys..


When the snow goes down enough that I can work on the truck, I shall start posting photos.


Time have changed. My last car resto I did was with my 2 kids. Neither of them knew anyone that did the same with their dad but there was an unending parade of Japanese cars bought for my kid's friends. One car guy that I know likes what I was doing and suggested to his son that they build or buy a classic for him...nope, he wanted a Mazda 3.


We will be selling our house as soon as my wife retires, I am told that I have to gryproc my basement..I have my wood working shop there... because no one does "that stuff" any more..


I find this to be a sad commentary..



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I know how you feel about the cars, I have a separate 3 bay garage for toys ('65 Mustang ans '64 Fairlane 500 hardtop) that has lifts, welders, Bridgeport mill and a ton of pro level tools in Snap-on and Matco boxes. The son-in-law can barely turn a wrench,......I might donate everything to the local community college or give them to a buddy of mine whose kid is into older iron.


As for the MDT mods, I'm one of those M2 guys as I wanted a DD13 engine for the power (Actually, I wanted a HDT but the wife nixed that idea....) so mine came pretty well equiped and I am only planning some interior mods (raised platform for the dogs, inverter add, etc)

2017 Kenworth T680
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I've had the same question about the lack of MDT chatter. I came to the conclusion the MDT's do what they're designed to do with little or no fuss. I've been towing with an M2-112 for a couple of years and the only had minor issues. The most expensive repair I've had was to replace the Kicker amplifier. Only a few issues with the truck itself, I had an Air Management Unit go out, ($100) and the turn signal/wiper control stick, ($100). I do need to track down some air leaks this spring but that seems to be routine maintenance item.

2006 Freightliner M2-112 Sportchassis
2015 Keystone Raptor 412-TS
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Murfreesboro, TN.

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Thanks for responding.


The reliability is good to hear. I have zero experience with this type of rig. Since the majority of time (not soon enough) we will be in the US, I am hoping we will have minimal down time since it will be our only vehicle..

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I came to the conclusion the MDT's do what they're designed to do with little or no fuss


I hear that.
I think the MDT is a stepchild in the hauler family. The pickup guys think we're rich idiots who got suckered into buying too much truck, and the HDT guys think we're wanna-bees who will soon be trying to unload it and can't.
My M2 is chugging right along (well, with a new turbo) with no fuss at all. It's like driving my couch.
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Until the HDTs came out with the auto-shifting transmissions MDTs were a pretty good deal but these days a used HDT is a lot more attractive at the high end of the weight scale while pickups have been nibbling at the bottom end of the scale.


Today I'd go HDT without a second thought if I needed more than a pickup could reasonably haul. I just don't see a lot of good reasons to get a 450/550 class truck or something like the 4000 IH range at this point. There are a few reasons that still stand out like lower entry height, lower roof height and possibly licence or zoning issues.

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I could be wrong...but just off the top of my head ..some of the reasons I went with a class 5 (vs a class 8 or a one ton p/u) ....lower cost of entry...lower cost of operating..air brakes and other comfort features....allowed in all 3 countries in North America...heavier (more stable) w/same mileage as a p/u, not required to have an extra vehicle....and if you have more than 2 in the family, can carry all your passengers around after you drop off your trailer... essentially access to all rv sites since same footprint as p/u, insurance issues..greater range of available trailers than a p/u....much farther range w/o filling up...better viability than a p/u, 4 doors, seats 5....same features as a class 8 but smaller package...spouse is willing to drive / ride in it...access to more gas pumps...Smaller turning radius than a one ton p/u...access to truck stop pumps...an inherent cool factor...


i do realize that folks will have a different take on things...which is good. It would be truly boring if we all drove the same thing...


I can also see advantages for the other two classes but I don't see the class 8 or one ton making the mdt obsolete..


For me, unless something big happens, this will be the last truck I buy.. and I have my RAM at home...

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X2....spouse is willing to drive / ride in it... We looked at a lot of HDT's before we settled on the M2. A lot easier to get into as we are getting older is also on the list. You state better visibility! Very true! The only problem with that is as we go through the mountain passes, Judith is now sitting higher than the guardrail and can see it's a long way down! We plan on doing a lot of travelling and figure the truck will last longer than us..

2008 Freightliner M2 Sportchassis

2015 Redwood 38RL

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I wanted an mdt with a crew cab but couldn't find one I could afford to buy. I had a 2002 F550 w/7.3 ps, but it wasn't capable of hauling a 20,000 trailer without great risk of failure. There's a big difference between Ford/GM/Dodge class 5 and the "real" class 5 IH/FL. I finally settled on the smallest class 7 sleeper VNL420 Volvo. It is insured as an mdt, fits the footprint of an mdt, but is taller and more powerful than an mdt. If I could afford to trade for a FL business class mdt, I'd jump on it.

2005 Safari Simba 37PCT

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My search for a tow rig started in Oct last year. Knowing my 2500HD wasn't enough, I started thinking, another dually! (I've had 3)...And for three months I looked!... It only took a few hours and a test drive!... it was a no brainer that the New Dodge 3500 is Tops In Class!


Over the next several weeks I nearly got brain fried searching the net for 5th wheel haulers! .... Coast to coast! I looked at, and drooled over, thousands of Rigs!

Running out of time, a friend said he had a friend wanting to sell their rig!... And I should check it out!


.... The cool thing about wintering in Arizona the past 8-9 years is seeing such a variety of RV's and how they have evolved! << which brings me to the choice I made!...


Seeing a dually pick-up absolutely dwarfed by these new 40-45ft 5th wheels is a might unnerving, and as much as I would have enjoyed the new RAM, I just didn't think it was enough! .... So I joined the MDT class!




I'd a luv'd a crew cab sport chassis but the price was right on this one! :D ... And saved over 1/2 the cost of that new RAM!


I'll join your group with an M2-106. 300hp MB900, Allison auto.


The To Do List!!


1. Two new seats

2. Moose guard (grill)

3. Cab spoiler (wing)

4. Camera system

5. Steering wheel

6. Tank fairings & steps (no luck so far)

7. Chase down an air leak

8. 4 new tires

9. A nice console for between the seats... Like in the sport chassis

10. ????

2000 Holiday Rambler Imperial 40' DP

2015 DRV 38RSSA 5th wheel

2004 M2 106 MDT


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Sweet ride... !


Hard to find one up here since you apparently not allowed to import them into Canada. The first one I tried to buy was a cool black one..when we were discussing price, he let it slip that it was still registered in Texas where he bought it...I said no probs, but it has to be registered in your home province before will buy it. Last time I heard from him,,,, I shipped mine across the country.


Your list is similar to mine..


1. have the status changed from commercial to MH

2. safetied

3. auto bleed valve on wet tank

4. air hose connection so I can fill the tires of either rig w/o a compressor

5. Air horns - which are exceedingly hard to buy...why ??

6. CB

7. New Seats

8. Trailer hitch receiver welded to front of bed to hold bike rack

9. Painted. Striped to match 5th. White screams Commercial or Company truck

10. air ride 5th installed

11. Step for back of unit. I can use the receiver on back of truck

12. Pump up the sound system

13. Insulate or sound proof the truck. I am not sure this is necessary...apparently, it does have some now so we will wait and see.

14. Like to do something for the dogs in the back.15. Found a guy that will detail all my chrome and aluminum

15. External sum visor and bug deflector. Only one place in north america to buy this and our dollar sucks at the moment.


I suspect this list will grow :)



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E-bay and Amazon also have a selection. Air horns or train horns will usually pull up a nice selection of chinese built horns. For me, and for where I mounted them inside the front bumper where they catch all the road debris, the $200 train horns work just fine.

Alie & Jim + 8 paws

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