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Buying an RV in Canada and importing into the US


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A friend of a friend was asking about buying an RV in Vancouver and bringing it into the US and registering it. I advised the first thing to do was go to their local vehicle registration office and ask them what they needed to register a vehicle from Canada. It is a 2009 larger DP and info beyond that I don't yet have! But, I assume it is probably US made and complaint with our vehicle safety and emission requirements. I would certainly insure that is the case before I proceeded.

From our AK trip this past Summer I remember several folks talking about BC having the highest tax rates in Canada, I don't know that, I just heard it. But, I would expect they would have to pay those taxes directly or indirectly. In the US the States have reciprocal agreements and my experience is you pay sales tax on an RV in one State or another, depending on circumstances/location.

So my question - has anybody purchased and imported an RV from Canada then registered it in the US? Again, I assume this is a US complaint RV and that is my question. A European RV would be another ball of wax and I am not asking about that circumstance!

As usual I am sure I will get some great info on this subject on this great forum.


And, I appreciate it.

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