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Volvo Storage Recommendations


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I try to take my truck out once a week when the roads and weather are good, but inevitably it snows or we have sub zero conditions and the truck sits for a couple of months.

In the manual, they recommend drawing the oil when it is going to sit for more than a month (if I remember correctly). What do you do when your truck sits for a long time? One of the other things they say is that sitting lets moisture get in oil and you need to get the engine to operating temp to burn it off.

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When I let mine sit I let it sit. Pull the batteries and keep them charged. I cover the stack and cover the intake to keep moisture and rodents out. I also stabilize the fuel. When I start it I do as Volvo recommends and pull the ECM fuse to build oil pressure before it starts. I always change the oil as soon as I being it out of storage and put it back into service. Everyone has their own opinion but this has worked for me. Handle the truck the same as my toys when they are in their off season.

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My truck was sitting since mid-October (4 months) with the batteries removed. The RV park I'm at wouldn't let me keep it at my site (mostly because there wasn't enough space) so it had to get parked in their storage area, where of course there is no power available. So I pulled the 4 batteries and placed them under my fiver on a trickle charger for the last four months.

Last weekend I put the batteries back in, cleaned all the terminals and connections thoroughly, removed the two ECM fuses, and reconnected all the wires.

I cranked it for about 30 seconds to build up oil circulation; the pressure gauge didn't budge while cranking, but as I stopped cranking it twitched a bit. I think the oil pressure gauge maybe doesn't read while cranking anyway?

In any case I thought that was enough cranking so I re-installed the fuses, crossed my fingers, and cranked again.

Wouldn't you know it started right up, and the oil pressure came up instantly! I was pleasantly surprised after the starting issues I was having last fall after buying the truck. I guess the new hoses and check valve solved the problem.

Of course I had filled both tanks full before parking it, which may or may not have helped.

After a few minutes of idling I took the truck for a 20-mile drive and topped up the tire pressures. We will leave this RV park next weekend.

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my Volvo sits idle for 6 months each year when I go north in the motorhome. I do keep it inside my large garage on a trickle charger, fuel tanks full and treated with a diesel conditioner, and change the oil when I get back in the fall. if you start it up intermittently, its important to run it up to normal operating temps, otherwise you add to the condensation issue.

most of the heavy equipment using these same engines sits idle and unattended for months with no ill effects. in a past life, our dozers & excavators where left to be buried in the snow until we returned the following year. many contractors ranchers and truckers have units sitting idle for months - fresh oil, fresh fuel and fresh batteries

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Hone Eagle, What method do you use to keep the spring brakes from setting ? Charlie

I don't apply them,just chock the truck and walk away,They will bleed down and eventualy come to rest on the drums but by then the temps are equal and the pressure is gentle,anyway makes me feel better and they have never failed to release.

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