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Backup Software

Bill B

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Sort of looking for a couple of things here:


1} Backup software - Looking for backup software that can do incremental backups - general large backup of the disks and then the changes week by week.


2} Runs over a network to multiple places - We are in a 5th wheel. I have a large truck (HDT Volvo 780). I have one 4TB disk in the trailer for backups that I want to use via WiFi / wire and a second 4TB in the truck. Both are connected via WiFi Rangers fusion (linked) Go2 function. (Basically, both are on the same network) The thought being here is that I should not lose both the and the trailer at the same time.


3} Also a tablet, phone, couple of Nooks running around here.


4} A cloud backup has also been suggested, but kinda thinking that I'll run into data limits in short order.


Any thoughts from the group?


Thanx - Bill

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Bill, why do you us fusion for the one in your truck? Why is not just wired to a single WFR in the coach? I just run an Ethernet line to the truck. That way everything is fast and available.


I do have another WFR in the truck, but I only use that for when we have the truck out alone.

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I'm sure you will get other input, but I do not see much point in worrying about backing up the phone, tab or Nook, other than perhaps moving pics to a computer.


You don't say what O/S you are using, but if it is Windows, there is nothing wrong with the backup software that is built in. I have a 1TB portable drive that I keep with my laptop, as well as a 4TB drive that I can back up both of our laptops as well as 2 desktop computers to, all via the home Wifi network. They all use the Windows software and you can specify what types and what items you want backed up. I have the backup drive mapped as a network drive on the computers.


Our phones have a backup function built in as well and for pics we use Dropbox. We do not use Nook, but Kindles, and all content for them is stored on Amazon servers to if they were lost or damaged is easily retrievable.

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System images are waaaaaaaaaaaay slower by wireless. I use Macrium reflect free and two 2.5" USB3.0 2.5" port powered drives. One for the original images right after setting up and doing all updates, security, uninstalling all the bloatware, and all programs/data loaded. The other one is for monthly images. I plan one day to do data separate backups. Those need to be real time, and done automatically over the network. That can be wireless except for the first time.

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Depending on the volatility of your data (how much it changes daily), cloud storage isn't that bad on bandwidth. You should do the first upload on some non-limited connection. After that, the updates are just a trickle.


Personally, I don't like incremental backups. I do full backups weekly of the laptops. The data server copied the entire data drive nightly. The local copies are for quick recovery. The cloud storage is for a trailer disaster.


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I'm moving into the "Mark" camp pretty fast. I'm slow, but I can be trained.... :)


I have grown to hate incremental backups. I still do them, but I'm moving to the "drive backup only" camp. It makes life far easier. I have a mirrored 4TB network drive so no space issues.


Before I go "all in" for that, I have to complete my transition to cloud. I'm most of the way there on new documents. Meaning - my new documents are created initially in the cloud, and tend to live there. Less to back up. My Powerpoint is still local. My spreadsheets are cloud. As long as I have a connection I have not found the cloud to be very data intensive for document creation and editing. I never approach my 40 gig data limits. I'm currently at 77% with two days to go.....and I do watch a fair amount of YouTube. But I don't stream HD movies....just YouTube stuff in HD. And occasionally a TV show I want to go back and see.


BTW, at the present time I find Google Cloud services (apps) to be far better than the Office Cloud apps, although I use them both. The MS stuff is not near as responsive across the connection, AND, it does not make itself available to other devices as fast as the Google Drive files. Which are pretty much instant. I can wait (sometimes) hours before getting access to a Office doc I just created. Why, I have no idea and do not have the bandwidth to pursue it....

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Yea - it's the audio, video and pics that are the killers. An initial backup is 300 g (about 10 months of data to the cloud. And if I do the video, music and pics, pretty much use op the next 3 years of data. I used to collect a fair amount of music. When I digitized it, it started using up space.


Volume is the cloud killer.


As for the wired, Cec is already complaining about all the "wireless" wires. Chargers, cat 6 cables, antennas, amps, PoE supplies. LOL - good thing she's never seen a data / server room. For now, I just bring in the truck drive once a month and hook it to the NAS (separate 4T drive).

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