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Route from Rathdrum, ID to Grand Teton NP, Sep 2015


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I've been that way a few times when headed to Yellowstone from the NW. That's a reasonable route with no real issues. You'll do some ups and downs but nothing serious. Just be prepared for lots of traffic and very slow speeds through Yellowstone, depending on the time of year & time of day. During your planned Sept timeframe it shouldn't be too bad. During the peak of summer it can take an extra hour just to get through Yellowstone.

The alternate that I use if I'm headed from the NW directly to the Tetons instead of Yellowstone, is to get on I-15 south at Butte to Idaho Falls, then 26 around and into Jackson from the south. With Coulter Bay somewhat in the middle, its probably not be worth taking the long way around, depends if you're looking for the slow scenic route, or a point A to B route. You'll pass lots of big rig RV's on both routes.

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