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Switching to G-Mail from Juno


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I have used Juno e-mail for 25 years because it is simple and has computer-based/offline capability much like AOL. But lately it has become a hassle for a number of reasons (corrupted email; e-mails somehow flagged for deletion..) If I switch to G-Mail is there any way to easily "port over" all the e-mails I have in Juno folders? Or should I simply delete whatever I can and then send the rest to my gmail account (one at a time?...ouch).



SKP 67414

2005 Mandalay 40B DP

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Sorry guys - your search has expired.


Yes Google scans and uses the information to target you with ads. News - so did Juno, AOL and the rest. After using G-mail for 10 years or so, after dumping Comcast cable e-mail, I r3eally haven't found that much in the way of ads. Or, I tune that out so well that I don't notice.


By the way, I have 10?? g-mail accounts - general (for most everything), medical, financial, winter home (in Texas village), etc. I access them all through Mozilla Thunderbird using that as an aggregator (brings them all to one spot).

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When I switched email accounts from northern VA (@cox.net) to south Texas (@gmail.com), I simply forwarded each email that I wanted to keep to the new address. You should be able to capture your entire inbox and archive files at one time.


I then just put an "auto-forward" on the cox.net email account. When I replied, as necessary, the reply would come from gmail.com.


I included a statement (part of the signature set-up in the Gmail account) that asked them to please update my contact info with the new email address.


The "auto-forward" worked very well and, after about six months, I deleted the cox.net account.

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