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RV plate cost in South Dakota


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We are newbies and have been noticing that the state of Arizona charges a horrendous tax on the plates for our coach. We've been looking seriously establishing our domicile in South Dakota and was wondering if anyone knows what they are charging for tags. Arizona has to be one of the most taxed states based on my research. Sales tax, fuel tax, property taxes are all way high. There's only one thing that ties us to Arizona and that's our kids and grandkids, but we can spend the winter months here and head back north when the Phoenix heat sets in.


Thanks in advance for your input.


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Escapees offers a service that lets you use SD as a domicile but you should double check your costs (tax, tags, medical, insurance...) between SD and TX as well since a lot of folks are surprised at what can be a problem in SD and the low costs in TX.


We moved from AZ to SD ourselves many years ago, $2000 plus in AZ, $120 and change in SD so swapping states can save you money. Just be sure which is best for you.

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I am no defender of taxes anywhere. For full-timers there are certainly better states than AZ, but in actuality AZ ranks 40th in over all taxes in the nation. It has a very low over-all tax rate. Check CNN: http://money.cnn.com/pf/features/lists/total_taxes/ But SD and TX is certainly going to do better at plate charges for full-time. You also need to look at medical costs, insurance (especially medicare Part B & D, if you use them), past tax liabilities, property you may own elsewhere...There is much more to it than just taxes on your RV.

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How much do Tags cost in Texas?

The price of RV plates in TX is dependent upon the weight of the RV. Our 18,000# coach was $130/year. You can download a copy of the registration fee chart from this link or you could call the Polk County Registration office and ask them.


For Tax Billing Information and Auto Registration:

Tax Assessor's Office

416 N. Washington

Livingston, TX. 77351


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We just registered in Pima County Arizona. Our 2014 Chevy Equinox costs $875 for TWO years. Our 2004 Jeep Liberty costs $103 for TWO years.


We registered the Equinox in Texas at first and it was $840 for ONE year. So Arizona seems reasonable to us.


I don't know what our 40' motorhome would have been in Arizona because it's sold.


As far as fuel tax, there was just an article in today's Tucson paper that Arizona is one of the lowest states for fuel tax and the tax hasn't raised in 20 years. The article was about the condition of the roads and this is one of the reasons given.


Our 2014 property tax was $932.


This is all new to us as we've been full-timers for 16 years and are now home owners so we can't compare it with anything.

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2gypsies, I think something else was in your Chevy registration in Texas if it was $840. for one year. I don't want to doubt you but it just doesn't sound right. I think there must have been some sales tax or other fee involved for it to be that high.


Looking on the chart Kirk put in a link for $840. is listed for a vehicle weighing between 70,000 to 80,000 lbs. Are you sure someone didn't make an error?

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OK just got our plate renewal for SD

2000 Monaco Dynasty diesel pusher, UVW 29500k. $330. Keep in mind that vehicles over a certain age (I think 10) get a price break. Our 05 Honda comes in at $60.

As to other issues. There may be medical insurance problems for those under 65. Otherwise a Medicare supplement from a major insurer should not be a problem.

Our vehicle insurance is based in a small town and the rates are much better for US than other states

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