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Coming from the UK my wife and I will be getting a mobile phone for our travels.

As we will be travelling in the USA and Canada are there any mobile providers that have prepaid sim cards that work in both countries for mainly calls but also for a bit of data usage or will we have to get a new card in Canada



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For calls back to the UK go to Costco (maybe other places too) and buy an International calling card. The ones at Costco cost $20 and calls we make to CH on it are $0.04/minute. The brand of card we get at Costco is from IDT Corp. You call an 800# then enter the pin on the card and then the number you want to call. When we get a call from CH we answer and then call them back. They also work from Canada to the UK or USA. This is for phone calls only, not data.

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Thanks for the info,we won't be using it to phone home,just for calls in the States and Canada mainly as a safety net incase we need a phone in an emergency or have a breakdown so we only need an inexpensive phone and a sim card that can be topped up every month or so that has maybe 150 minutes and a bit of data usage.


As I understand it do your minute allowances count for calls that you make as well as calls that you receive , in the UK it is only for calls that you make , not receive.

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We have an AT&T Go phone. Don't know if it works in Canada or not. We chose the $2 day plan. We only pay $2 if we use the phone, and if we do, we can make as many calls at we want including long distance until midnight at no further charge. We load it online and with tax, it costs us $26.88 which is service for 90 days. You would have to check their website to see if good in Canada, but I suspect you would have to go with a plan that includes international calling.

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As you are talking very light usage, you might want to compare travel package adds ons with your UK provider or others there, versus cost of just getting a SIM card from Verizon (tends to have most coverage) or ATT, depending where you travel in the USA.


We're Canadian, originally couple decades back from UK, and travel a lot in the USA. Family when they visit and RV with us have put a small add on to their cell phones from their UK provider that's worked for them with stays from 3 to 5 weeks.


We use tracfone to call back to Canada and the UK when in the USA, works OK, sometimes a little less clarity but mainly OK, can't use it in Canada though! Many friends say they buy an ATT SIM card down in the USA and insert into their phones, and do the same when visiting the UK at that end.


Other companies that have been mentioned by some from Canada's end for service in the USA are Roam Mobility, Wind Mobile although it depends where you are travelling to ensure adequate coverage.


Depending on how long you are here, look into your UK providers travel add ons versus Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile prepaid SIM cards to cover both countries. Do check their coverage map though to compare where you are travelling to here. We don't have the luxury of the roaming deal the government passed for you guys in Europe versus us in North America :(

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