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Next project Hood wear bumpers

Shallow Draft

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"ink" the four studs on the new ones and press to leave an impression for drilling. You're drilling plastic. Holes not oversized or they won't grab.

Don't know why they are actually there as the hood come nowhere close to hitting them.

My thoughts about the spacing also.

But they must have some purpose, maybe on a rough road?

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My hood wear bumpers are very soft and falling apart.

The new replacements are not the same and it looks like I need to drill 4 small holes to install them.

Anybody else done this job and have some advice?




Trish and I did ours right after driving the truck home. We bought from a dealer, who gave us an instruction sheet with them.

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the instructions are pretty useless. No hole size and an proceedure with many steps you don't need to do. Also a couple of paper useless templates.

Just "ink" the studs and use a caliper to measure the undercut in the "studs". That's the hole size.

If you really want them give me an email where I can attach a PDF and I'll send you a copy.

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