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Volvo door rust


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Body shop replaced the metal and rust proofed then I was 'instructed' to mind the drains .I will watch and see how it holds up and then let them do the other door .

A well known issue ,Gregg Shields calls it a design flaw,he looked at my door and declared it a good job - time will tell , however I don't drive in the salt season anymore.

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Up here unless the truck is new I don't think you can find a Volvo without rust on at least one of the doors.

Mine has been blistered for the last two and a half years but not rusted through. I have had the truck sprayed with Krown the last two years and that has held it a bay. Truck is in for a deck build right now and he will fix the door at the same time. Since I don't have holes I think mine can be sandblasted and filled. One of the guys I worked with had some polished stainless steel strips about 2 inch made to go along the bottom of the doors and along the bottom edge of the sleeper. I am not sure what he used for glue but it did look quite smart on the black truck.



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Mine was "repaired" by the local Volvo dealer (who does great work BTW). A few years later it came back. I asked about a replacement door and they said "Oh that is real expensive. Just hang on a while".


On day they called me and said "We have a truck that was rolled over onto the right side. The insurance is replacing the whole cab. The only thing any good is the left door. It is orange and we will need to paint it. Do you want it?"


That is how I fixed mine.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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