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California check points

Salem lover

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Often times they just wave you through - last time we came through it was noon and there was no one in the booth, so slowed to a stop, looked and went on as did everyone in the line. Other times we've been asked about having any firewood with us, sometimes just where we were the night before, just depends upon the time of year. In '07 they actually looked in the refrigerator (and missed the oranges in the bottom of the bin that I have forgot about) but since then we've never had them enter the rig.



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These are agricultural screening stations to protect a huge California industry. They still operate on the major interstate entries (I 10, 1- 80 ect) You may experience what has been mentioned already. You may also be asked different questions than a rig with a California license plate coming back from Arizona or Nevada. Our usual questions have been dealing with where are you coming from and do you have any ag products like fruit & oranges ect.

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We've been through the ones on I-10 and I-8. Usually, they just wave us through, although I've heard people say that they've been asked if they're carrying any fruit. The only place where we've actually had fruit taken away from us was at the agricultural check station on SR-62 going west out of Parker, AZ...apples which we'd bought at the Albertsons store in Blythe, CA! Go figure.

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We live in San Diego CA and frequently go to Arizona.

We've been asked occasionally, but they have never entered the MH after we said "No".

There are also Border Patrol checkpoints around San Diego and I've seen more people pulled over at those checkpoints than the Dept of Agriculture ones.


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