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Dish Increase

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Just got my Dish bill and it went up by 10.2% I still like the service but another increase like that any time soon will cause me to start looking elsewhere.

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DirecTV this month(Feb) raised their packages $2.50 and added another .50¢ to each receiver leased($6.50 new price) over over the main one.


I called in last night and cancled one receiver I didn't use much out of the 4 I have.

So my next months bill even with their increase will be less.

Next increase I will turn another one off.


I did order from amazon a HDMI splitter and cable to use another receiver for signal to the TV to replace the lost one.

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Sadly the content providers keep raising their charges so Dish and Direct have no real option other than to fight the price raises as well as they can and when all is said and done raise what they charge us. Look at what it cost Dish to fight the Fox price gouge a couple weeks ago.


Go elsewhere if you can but just be sure you realize who is doing the price hikes that trickle down to your bill.

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While you may want to go else were, there are not many options. DirecTV is the only one that I have found and it

will cost more if you want HD TV with DirecTV. Good Luck! If you don't need the TV every month Dish will turn it off for

a month at a time and charge you about $5.86 per month that you don't use it.

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I don't know how many folks realize that when Dish, DTV, etc., negotiate those multi-year carriage contracts, the agreements typically include incremental fee increases each year. That means even in a year when no new agreements are signed, the programming costs still go up. Then there's the more subtle provisions in the new contracts. For instance, when Dish and Fox settled on a new contract for Fox News and Fox Business recently, one of the provisions calls for Dish to place the less popular FS1 sports channel on a lower package tier, even though the carriage contract fee agreement for that channel was not up for renewal yet. Because of that, Dish will be paying more for that channel due to the higher subscriber count, even though the per subscriber fee didn't change. Keep in mind, Dish and DTV pay per subscriber, not per viewer, so your subscription payment has to cover all of the channels in your package, not just the ones you watch.

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