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Looking for a commissioned sales gig...am I crazy?

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Hi everyone

We're looking to change things up a little. We both have a job offer banked this summer that we're quite happy with in Yellowstone NP however, I'm on the look out for a sales gig that would better supplement our income (especially after forking out over $3k on dental bills last month and likely more to come). The idea would be for my wife to work a steady eddie kind of job for 30 hrs or less and for me to try my luck at sales - ideally for similar hours.

For example in Sedona I know of three sales booths that ostensibly attract potential customers through advertising free maps and tourist info. In fact the locations almost look like official tourist information booths. They are actually agents for tour packages and timeshares. Its a job I could probably do well and be rewarded far better for my efforts than being paid to be a warm body.

We'd like to spend the summer in Alaska but Colorado sounds appealing also. In fact we'd consider just about anywhere if there was a fair chance to return south in the winter with a little padding to the old bank account.


Has anyone had any experiences with doing sales as a workcamper or have some other ideas?

Would love to hear your suggestions.







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Hello Marc and welcome to the forum. I don't think you're crazy at all. The only way we find what's "right" for us is to be willing to try new things.

There are a multitude of jobs out there for full time RV'ers. You just have to think outside the box, as the saying goes. I met a couple who worked for a chain of casino's. They traveled from state to state working at the various property's that the casino owned. The employer was happy to have them because they were willing to change locations for the busy seasons at different casino's. They said they only worked on average six months out of the year and made plenty to live on for the entire year.

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I don't know why that wouldn't work as long as you can locate seasonal positions which will hire you. We subscribed to Workamper News for many years and while I don't read every ad, I can't recall ever seeing an ad for that sort of work. Yet it would seem to be seasonal in many of the tourist areas so one would think it possible. I think that I would make contact with an employment agency in the Jackson Hole area and ask them about such positions. West Yellowstone is another community that might have that kind of work. Locating the positions might be the biggest challenge.

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Thanks for your replies guys.



I actually met a rep doing the site map thinggy in Texas last winter (if not AGS, South-Eastern I believe). She seemed quite happy with life...enjoyed the freedom and, if I recall, was averaging around $500 net per two week stint without really breaking sweat. So not a ton of money but she was having fun and enjoying herself. I'll drop you a line.



We visited Jackson Hole last summer - I see what you mean, the palms of my hand were itching (sign of mucho moolah in the air). Lots of tourists draws. Yes, locating the positions is more than likely word of mouth.



My wife has run into a few Asian croupiers with dodgy English but all said that the job was a piece of cake and that they made pretty good money. Yet, personally I can't stand the atmosphere in these places - being confined for hours in a casino would be more like torture for me, no matter what the pay.


Any more ideas...keep em coming.

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aziamaiza...I believe you were talking to Southest pub. We have worked for AGS for 8 yrs. and still working. We work about 6 mos. a year and we average a lot more than than $500 for 2 weeks. Maybe 3 times that!! Email me or call, 214-864-five eight nine two. Would be glad to talk about it. gilberte


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