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Can I consolidate two DTV Accounts

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I currently have two DTV accounts, In the house we have two TVs with a Genie DVR and HD. In the motorhome I have two TVs and a standard DVR which runs off a King Dome.without HD.Can I cancel the MH account and then just transfere the Genie into the Motorhome when we need it and then back to the house when we return home.I understand I wont have HD in the MH and thats no problem.

Thanks, RJ

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Sure we did that for years and just changed the programming to DNS for our travels. We have everything on one acount, Directv should be able to combie accounts.


Currently we have a Genie at home and an HR22 in the 5th wheel. All we do is suspend the receiver we are not using. When on the road so we don't end up with programs in the 5th that we want to see we turn on the Genie a couple of weeks before we get home and, via the internet, add any new programs we want to record. First year to do this, worked great....................

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If you have DNS with your motorhome account you might lose it if you combine it with your residence account. I was told by DTV that in order to have DNS for the motorhome I would need a separate account. They would not give me DNS for a residential account unless I couldn't get local OTA channels. I know some have both but that's not the norm.

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We have one account with all our receivers and activate/deactivate them as needed. We also have a DNS waiver on file at Diretv for when we activaste the TV receiver, at that point they turn on the DNS for the RV. We still have our home receiver active at this time but with actual local stations. When we are ready to leave, we deactivate our home receiver. No need for 2 accounts.

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SWharton, So you have at least two receivers and you are able to activate one and deactivate the other at any time you wish, and you have DNS on one receiver which you use in your RV, is that correct? Can you activate and de-activate on the internet or do you have to call DTV?

I would appreciate all the specifics you can give me.


Thank You, RJ

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Yes that is what we do. Let me warn you, dealing with Directv can be a challenge. Their Custormer Service reps think they know what you are asking for whenyou ask for DNS but many don't and they just muddy the waters. If that happens, call back and get a different rep. The dept. you want is the KVH/mobile dept. Be patient and try to get to them. I have found that this year the Creps seem to be more knowledgable than in previous years. All this takes time to do as we sit there with the TV on making sure everyting is working before releasing the rep. Each year presents a new challenge to get everything set up but it seems to be getting easier.


You must call Directv to get all this done and make sure you have a DNS waiver on file.


Here are our steps:


Turn on TV/receiver in RV. You sill need to setup your dish.

Call DTV from RV(maybe several times)

Get to a knowledgable person and watch as the receiver and stations are turned on.

Just prior to leaving the S&B we call and have them turn off(deactivate) the S&B receiver.


Coming home:


About 2 weeks prior to getting home we call and had them turn on the S&B receiver, via the internet we schedule any programs that need to be added to our S&B unit.


This was the first year we had 2 receivers and it worked well. I am not sure I will turn off the S&B receiver next year. We only save $6 per month(I think), not sure if it is worth it. Need to turn off the RV receiver(at least the DNS) as that is $15+$6/month.


Let me know if you have any questions.


On the road we have no interest in the local stations. I you have an interest in the local stations while traveling, that just makes life more difficult. If we want to look at the local stations we just put up our antennae.

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