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cracking windshields on Coachmen Sportscoach.


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We are first time RVers and bought a 2009 Coachmen from Lazydays in Tucso. They had a new windshield on Thursday and it cracked spontaneously within 48 hours. After much haggling, Lazydays glass contractor installed a second new windshield and 6 days later, a second crack almost identical to the first appeared accompanied by a sound like that of a rifle shot. The glass contractor has refused to do a third windshield and we had to file a claim on our insurance. Anyone out there have any experience like ours? I'm open to suggestions. Thank you in advance. Aloha

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I had a windshield loosen and come away from the frame on a Southwind MH some years ago. The experienced RV tech looked under the hood and discovered that the bolts fastening the front cap to the frame were missing. After replacing them and resetting the windhield there were no more problems.

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Thanks for the imput. We are awaiting for the third new windshield which is to be installed this week, by a different glass shop. I was told by the service manager at the Coachmen factory that it was mostly the installers fault and to make sure that the new installers carefully inspect the new windshield for chips along the edge. Both cracked windshields were installed while the coach was on the leveling jacks and there was no undue stress on the frame, but who knows. I'll post an update once we are finally on the road and the windshield is uncracked.



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I just had my windshields replaced by RV Glass Solutions. So far no problems as they are sealed in just like a car windshield. Turns out the rubber trim is not a seal, just a decorative covering.


I also recommend that you have the coach on level ground with it sitting on the wheels, no jacks.

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Do a dry, test fit of the next windshield, it really sounds like they were forcing the fit in the replacements. Do a test fitting while sitting on level ground and the suspension with the jacks up. Do a second fitting while up on the jacks and level, it should fit well in both situations.


When they place the window make sure they space it out equally from each side of the frame, if it is too close to one side that can stress the glass too.


Make sure you always jack the rig in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, you don't want to twist or tweak anything by doing things in the wrong order.

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