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Found - 2007 or newer Honda Element


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Wanted - 2007 or newer Honda Element


We do not need tow-bar, or brake buddy - we pull a trailer and Honda Element would go inside the trailer.


We will consider all models of Element, but it needs to be a 2007 or newer.


Currently in Livingston, TX until next week 2/11; then headed east towards Atlanta, GA then on down to Florida for a month or so, then headed back north for the summer.


Contact at 907-306-xxxx


FYI - We are currently trying to sell our 98 Chevy Tracker, listed on this forum, which must sell first before we can purchase Honda Element.

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We like our 05. However its not a highway car for longer trips. We just did a 2000 mile trip for a family emergency and is was very tiring to drive long distance at Highway speeds. Also watch the year. I think 2010 they took it off tbe CRV chassis and the auto is not a 4 down toad after that year.

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thanks Nana25k for your feedback! One reason we are looking for 2007 or newer is the 5spd automatic and a little more engine hp for highway travel.


Everywhere I've looked it seems that the Element stayed on the CRV chassis until they stopped making them and that you have to follow the instructions to the letter for flat tow.


My future Element will go into a trailer, so no problem there. :)





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